Do you Impulse?! Limited Edition Body Fragrance, Secret Smile

Nobody knowwwsss it, but you’ve got a secret smileeeeee….

Remember that tune?!  

Completely unrelated though, is Impulse’s reformulated range of body fragrances, containing real perfume oils and developed by fragrance experts, then tested by the nose of perfumer Ann Gottlieb who was trained by Estee Lauder and whose work includes scents from fashion houses like Marc Jacobs and Oscar de la Renta.  

The new range;

Impulse Body Fragrance Review

To be truthful, I haven’t used Impulse products for a long time but I strongly associate it with being young and free – certainly when I was at high school it was what all the girls used to fragrance themselves up!  I asked my cousin (12 years old) if she used Impulse and apparently she and her friends do so clearly there is a permanent age group that loves the range!

These days, I use deodorant (roll on or cream, never spray) and if I am going out, I will use a light spritz of perfume. I don’t like to stink of perfume or any scent, so a lightweight body fragrance does appeal to me as long as it’s not heavy.  

The Impulse sprays are lighter than I remember, and rather nice to use.  As mentioned above, I dislike how deodorants can leave a weird layer on the armpits and body fragrance doesn’t do that. 

I have spritzed all of the scents above and put them in my favourite order from left to right – my favourite of all is Secret Smile, a fruity mix of mandarin and pear and a slightly flowery edge.  That one is a limited edition scent available from Superdrug now and nationwide from the end of May.  

Details on the new range;

  • Impulse Into Glamour; Sparkling floral fragrance with opulent oriental top notes
  • Impulse Romantic Spark; Sweet wild violets with woody notes of white sandalwood 
  • Impulse Very Pink; A sparkling blend of pink grapefruit, with a sweet base of vanilla
  • Impulse Very Very Pink; A deep blend of bitter orange with musk and sandalwood 
  • Impulse Loving Words; Juicy top notes of fresh fruits including pear, apricot and mango, with dreamy undertones of violet and peony
  • Impulse Hint of Musk; An uplifting combination of lime, jasmine and woody scents
  • Impulse True Love; Notes of freesia and tangerine
  • Impulse Tease; Earthy, natural fragrance notes of red fruits and woods
  • Impulse Temptation; Top notes of delicious vanilla, peach and amber rose
  • Impulse Sweet Smile; Exotic fruity notes of pear, mandarin and jasmine
Do I think these are a substitute for perfume? Nah, of course it isn’t and these aren’t exactly as refined as some perfumes can be but they do give a fresh burst of scent for when you don’t necessarily want something super heavy. 

Do you use Impulse?
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