Do you ask for skincare samples? I did!

Now, I have a really bad habit of buying full size skincare products on the whim…very bad habit because inevitably it doesn’t quite suit me and it ends up in a drawer somewhere.

So I decided recently that I needed some new skincare for my super sensitive skin and I ended up on a Kiehl’s counter where a super lovely SA recommended some products.  I decided to be SENSIBLE and ask for samples, luckily the SA was really helpful and have me a selection (including cleanser and toners, not pictured).

It’s taught me one thing; it is SO worth getting samples!

Kiehls Skincare samples

I tried theUltra Oil Free Gel Cream and Lotion – the lotion to my surprise is much richer than the cream and wasn’t 100% suited to my skin (made my pores look bigger?!).  The Over-Night Biological Peel is fab- I have another sachet to go through but I like how smooth my skin looks the next day.

I also tried their cucumber toner which made my face sting (who knew – it’s for sensitive skin!) but the Ultra Facial Toner is more suited.

So basically I am still testing and deciding what (if anything) is worth purchasing. This is so much better than buying full size first!

Do you always ask for skincare samples?

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  1. Jen says

    Ooooh yes, I definitely always ask for samples, and usually the SAs are quite generous, I guess because they want you to buy the full sized product! The lovely SA at Kiehl’s even offered to post me the sample that I’d asked for but she didn’t have in at the time. I have a drawer full of samples, ready for when I travel…super-handy!

  2. Stephanie Cummins says

    i love samples, i have incredibly dry skin and have bought so many lotions and scrubs that just don’t sit well…. samples are my best friends now!!