Do other people R-E-S-P-E-C-T your beauty collection?

I know, its only make up. Being a beauty addict I have a certain way I organising my make up (in a large bag, in cabinets, in smaller bags, then mini bags) and that is my way of doing it.

If people start messing things up (Mr Candy) in an attempt to “tidy it” it drives me insane.

I also dislike people messing with my day to day beauty essentials, especially cream products. Why? Bacteria.

My bacteria in my foundation = ok.

Your bacteria in my foundation = not ok.

cat friends.jpg

A few years ago I had a friend who was – shall we say, very heavy handed with things. She once grabbed my brand new Lush shampoo (you know how they have screw on lids?) and attempted to yank it off, whilst I was trying to say in a very polite British manner “Maybe you should try unscrewing it?”…..

Too late – Yeti Arms manages to pull it off and SPLAT goes my conditioner, all over me and in my latte.

Another time I was showing her my new MAC LE eyeshadow palette and she immediately lunged towards it, chicken mayo laced fingers ahoy, ready to swatch the colours…

It was a slow motion moment, like in the Matrix – I am Neo, the chosen one – and I can see her trotters heading towards my brand new, oil free powder eyeshadows but I am powerless to stop her.

Then all of a sudden, something drops *bang*. She is distracted.

I retreat my MAC eyeshadow with my super quick reflexes, quicker than Elin Woods with a gold club, and she sort of forgot about it.

It was close. Too close.

Is it so hard to understand? No matter how well you know someone, understand this:

1. I am not Selfridges, and the contents of my make up bag and the pieces in my collection (old OR new) are not for swatching, unless I say its ok.

2. Do not stick your fingers in any of my make up. I don’t want weird swirls or fingerprint marks in it. I don’t care if you have anti bacterial gel. You might have worms for all I know.

You think I’m a psychopath now, don’t you? But I can’t help being Anal! I look after my make up! I sanitize everything!
#TeamAnal! (Not *that* kind, ok?)

Anyway, the above rant has got me thinking – is it just me who is anal about my beauty products? Are you happy sharing your make up or are you fussy like me?

Tell me in the comments!

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  1. says

    I am the SAME. WAY.

    My friends used my mascara after I told them no…had to chuck it. “There’s nothing wrong with my eyes!” Yeah, but there’s something wrong with MINE, its called sensitivity. I tried to use it after they did, guess what? Burn City. Pissed me off, it was my new favourite.

    Not to mention them wanting me to do their makeup every time they come over…NO. I don’t want to wash my brushes every time they come over. They try to rush me afterwards…hello? Your filth is on my brushes. They must be scrubbed.

    One friend scratches her crotch – in public – all the time. I don’t touch her stuff without lots of hand sanitizer (or gloves). And I prefer that she leaves my stuff alone completely…

  2. says

    Nope it’s not just you, I absolutely hate ppl swatching my products. I find it so hard to keep my 3 year old away from my collection when she gets hold of things it is the death of them. grrrx

  3. says

    argh I’m the same too! I feel bad whenever I say no to someone who wants to try my stuffs! I don’t care if they shower/clean 10 times a day, DO NOT touch it dammit! You can watch it from outside, with case safely closed! I can’t imagine people sharing their mascaras! And such walking organisms do exist!!!! Are they friggin crazy???????? They using mine is just as bad as if they have plugged it into their @sses!! Gross!
    And last weekend my roommate asked me if I could lend her some purple eyeshadow (she was attending a ball) and she was standing right there, in front of my desk and eyeing a MAC palette!!! Jesus! I couldn’t say no (no matter how much I hate her), so I reluctantly handed it to her, show what was the only two colors she was allowed to use and gave here a brand new sponge applicator too! To keep it.
    I still haven’t touched those colors….
    You should have seen the look she made herself tho….like a 4years old playing with mommy’s makeup! @_@ yuck
    Gave her some instructions, but dunno if she could redo it properly before leaving to the ball.
    Last time I gave anyone my makeups……>_>

  4. Pink Ink says

    I hate it when people ransack my makeup pouches. I’ve got colleagues who just flip through my makeup pouches when I’m touching up and take out items to swatch. I screamed at one once because she was trying to swatch my brand new MAC lipstick which I have not even taken a picture of in its pristine state.

    Also, I hate it when people ask me how much one makeup item costs and then say “SO EXPENSIVE!” Quality makeup has research and quality ingredients going into it, of course it will cost more. You don’t see me pointing at their Gxxxx or Lxxxx Vxxxxxx bags, going “SO EXPENSIVE”.

  5. Melia says

    I admit, I’m one of those who loves to look at makeup. I ask first politely, then have a look at the makeup and if they say “no”, I’ll not touch them.
    My friends on the other hand, will sporadically ask if they can swatch/use my makeup, but will respect a denial in some cases (lipgloss/mascara/cream shadows not in tube form/gel eyeliners). Sometimes, when they come over and see my brushes drying or if I wash them before and after a make-over, they wonder “should you wash them? Whatever for?”…. Um, I love you as a friend, but I rather not spread germs, either on you or me.
    I find it ironic when a few germ-phobic friends of mine ask me why they should wash their brushes regurlarly.

  6. says

    You tale renditions mortified me. I was cringing while reading.

    OK so I don’t wear ‘make-up’ (I know blasphemy, I’m on a make up blog: guilty pleasure ok?), but I am 100% like this with any product I have to use on my body/skin. I can’t share combs and brushes with family members or anyone, and any heat styling tools have to be sanitized if used on another persons head (aka my flat iron). I especially hate face products that come in jars that you have to dip your finger in, and have long ago got rid of them. I don’t even want more own germs marinating in that little pot of product. I also use have my own body soaps and washes and take them out of the shower with me to make sure no one accidentally uses them. I can’t imagine someone rubbing my bar of soap into their rag or worst yet, directly into thier crotch and pits. *shivers*

    Same thing with hair care products. Not for germs but because I am stingy I guess and my hair care products are a bit on the pricey side. I can’t afford for them to be dumping globs of a $28 shampoo into their hands because I carelessly left it behind in the main bathroom (which has happened countless times).

    /end rant

  7. says

    I don’t mind sharing make up or doing make up on my friends, only if they bring their own CLEAN brushes. And extra applicators. I never share kohl eyeliners, lip liners, lipstick or mascara. Atleast with lip gloss, I can take an extra lip gloss applicator & use it to apply on others. Granted they are new or cleaned immediately. I have an extra brush set just in case someone “forgets” to bring theirs. They are anti-bacterial too but I do trust my friends clean their faces before we do anything. I mean, I’m right there watching them do it. I never EVER let my friends do swatches from MY make up though. I show them myself because I never take my make up out with me. You’re only asking for trouble when you do that.. Though if I do need stuff for touch ups, I go to the washroom ALONE – simple as that. I’m not too anal, yet. My make up isn’t high end but when it is – yes, I get testie on a major scale. I’ve gotten lice TWICE, I know what it’s like to want to everything CLEAN & untouched but really.. you shouldn’t cry until you get pink-eye.

  8. Li says

    I’m the same, I think when you’ve invested a lot of time and money on something it’s to be expected and respected. I won’t let people try on my jewellery, especially rings, and the same as someone posted above – I flat out will not let my flatmate even see my GHDs. I’ve been called selfish but I justify it in the fact I take pride in my things and those who usually ask, or plough straight in, demonstrably don’t. Interestingly I was the same about books too but now I love giving them away. Make up is such a personal, pleasurable thing, sure it’s ‘girly’ to get ready together but I’m an only child so I’m quite happy playing on my own thank you!