Do Candles need to be organic?! By As Nature Intended made with Soy Wax

I was gifted a while ago with some beautiful candles from As Nature Intended, made from soy wax and scented with essential oils. Good, good – overly artificial scents give me massive headaches….

as nature intended candles-2.jpg

I seriously prefer the warm scent of a candle over a room spray, so was happy to burn these ones for a while. And what pretty things they are….

I didn’t know to recently why luxury candles cost so much. Then I forced my aunt to buy me got a Nars Candle in Jaihpur (it was about £40) – oh my god – that scent is heavenly.

Now, these ones I got from As Nature Intended are super pretty in the jar, which already explains the price (£18 each).

I got Hay Meadow, which has a musky, green smell:

as nature intended candles-3.jpg

And Jasmine and Rosewood, which is floral and such a lovely, gorgeous smell:


I don’t get to burn mine for too long because I have to be on constant cat watch because my cats seem to enjoy running up vet bills. On the other hand it only takes 10 minutes to fill a room with the lovely scent.

What are your favourite candles and what is the most you would spend on one?!

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  1. says

    Aww those are so pretty!
    I usually burn fragrance oils in my room :) I rather sweet and green scents (vanilla, musk, tea…) Right now I’m using apple and cinnamon and it makes me hungry! Hehe 😛

    • Row says

      Hey Eru!

      I have fragrance oils, really really nice, although, they are a little strong aren’t they? I have apple and cinnamon…nice 😀

  2. Gwen says

    I’m too paranoid to burn candles at home. I prefer reed diffuser. I like the smell of orange and lemongrass :)

    • Row says

      Hi Gwen

      yeah it only takes a while for it to set of fire! What is a reed diffuser?I need to find one as I need a safe option around the house