DNails Graduation Kit

So I have got into nails lately, and made an effort to paint them with some little pop of colour, although they chip quickly with me and my, er, active hand actions. I spotted this kit:

Misc Products.jpg

on Ichibankao.com. The idea is that you can use this to create a graduated nail effect, as with airbrushing. The plain one costs $21 and the lame has glitter in it and costs $22.

Here are the instructions. Easy right? EASY!:

Misc Products-1.jpg

Except its not easy. Whilst I won’t claim to be a nail afficiando I do try and get neat nails and chipped polish won’t hand around on my precious hands. So…

You stick the template around the bottom of your nail:


Draw a line with your polish:


The next bit was a disaster. I dotted the solution as instructed and pulled down:


So I tried again….less polish…then tried again….less solution…it WOULDN’T work.

I tried all kinds of blending patterns and ways to make it look like the picture and I honestly haven’t managed it and I don’t have the time to figure it out. I am guessing that you have to get the knack for it. The product itself just seems to be some kind of thinner solution, that makes the normal polish become quite watery, thus create the soft blended effect.

The main problem comes when you try to pull it downwards. Even when I waited for the polish to dry first, it still took too much colour with it. When I decided to try it with less product it dragged and made a mess….

Alas this is for the more experienced nail user perhaps. I’ve tried it out five times now and I simply don’t have the time or patience to mess about with it (it also stains the brush and makes the liquid go from clear to whatever colour polish have just used.


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  1. Dpuss says

    I just tried my gradiation nail liquid and it worked pretty good. The way I tried it was: I had the varnish dry for a few seconds then applied the liquid. Then I applied one more top coat of varnish on the tip to make the tip darker as the liquid draged it down and made it lighter. It actually looks really preatty. Only one thing, it stings really bad it you get it on a cut! That’s why they have you mask off your skin. :)

    • Row says

      Hey Dpuss

      I will try again once I have a chance! I noticed the liquid is like some kind of thinner no wonder it hurts when it touches your skin!

  2. Sabrina says

    I’ve just bought it and tried it!
    The first times it didn’t work :'( It’s the 4th time I try and I chose another polish.
    And it works! Maye it doesn’t work with some polishes…