Dior Spring Look 2010 Dentelle Collection is Lacy Good

Dior’s Spring Collection, Dentelle has one of the most stunning model shots I have seen this year:

Dior Spring 2010 dentelle.jpg

I would love to do this look as a FOTD…

I haven’t seen the collection in person yet but the colours are quite me. Rather than going for spring pastels or brights, the collection elegant, muted but has the potential to be smoked up. Here are my picks:

5 Couleurs Iridescent Edition Dentelle – in Coquette (£39) LE.


5 couleurs Coquette 743 HR email.jpg.jpg

This palette is a must have for me – the shades are wearable for day or evening and I like the fact its not overloaded with glitter. But could you bring youself to mess the lacy pattern on the shadows?! There is also another option called Pearl Glow – also with purples but with a silver and gold in the quint.

Dior Poudrier Dentelle – in Pink Lace (£39) LE.

Dior Poudrier Dentelle Open 001 HR e-mail.jpg.jpg

There is also Peach Lace! This is nice as a blusher/highlighter and of course, looks very pretty in the pan.

Dior Addict Lip Polish in Petal Pink (£20.50) LE.

DA Lip Polish 004 Petal Pink HR email .jpg.jpg

I think this is so lovely for the spring – even though its a polish this colour has a decent amount of pigment. Its also LE.

Diorblush Soft Powder BlushVintage Pink (£28) LE.

Diorblush 839 HR email.jpg.jpg

This is LE and has that gorgeous print on the top too. Very wearable I think and compact with 2 shades, both that I think can be worn as blushers.

2 Couleurs Eyeshadow Edition Dentelle in Boudoir Look (£28) LE.

2 couleurs 945 Boudoir Look HR email.jpg.jpg

Another LE product! I know. Nothing like the perfect cool toned purple though but if I had a choice I’d choose the quint over this. If you have no use for the other 3 shades then choose this!

Dior Creme De Rose (£19).

Creme de Rose 001 HR email.jpg.jpg

Not LE but still so so so so tempting. In a simple but elegant case, lies a lip balm with a rose scent which is there to hydrate dry lips. Not tried this to but am dying to!

S0 that’s just a small section of the Spring offerings from Dior – has anything piqued your interest? Any must haves?

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  1. Naz says

    Hey Row! I have to say, this collection is one of the nicest out there. I’ve seen it a couple of times and I keep getting drawn to it! I got the blush (yay for Advantage Cards!) and I love the lip gloss, the one named Pink Corset. The quints are gorgeous and the highlighters are beautiful. I’d get the whole collection if I could afford it!