Dior Matte Bronzer SPF

There is nothing worse than a person that glows luminous orange. Its not just ordinary folk, even celebs, who should know better do it!

Having said that, since the extremely dull cosmetics companies release bronzer after bronzer after bronzer during the summer months I may as well play ball.

I bought the matte Dior Bronzer today with SPF.

I like my bronzer to be matte – who wants to be covered in micro glitters. Keep it on the lips, keep it on the eyes – but all over? No thanks.

Then, Dior also has this SPF thing. Anything with SPF is good to me, but lets get real – in order for this powder to offer any real protection, it would have to be applied fairly thickly and very evenly over the face for it to work. I’m not saying ti wont offer some SPF protection, but don’t rely on it!

I like this bronzer. there are four shades. Now, considering I am medium warm, NC35 ish, the ideal shade for me was number 2. Number 3 was a little too dark and orange. Now if thats too dark for me, and I saw a few ladies paler than me taking no. 3 and even no. 4, no WONDER there are tango heads walking all around my town!

Seriously keep it easy with the bronzer girls. Less is more!

P.S – I like the bronzer a lot by the way. Very natural and non streaky.

P.P.S Blogger is being a pain and refusing to let me upload pics. So I’ll upload them later, if it sorts itself out!

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  1. Cevest Lee says

    I went to Selfridges London today, stopped by YSL (seriously it’s bronzing product everywhere!), the MA had a similar shade to me (Armani 5.5) but she looked so much darker! She applied bronzer on her face and neck like nothing! I still don’t understand why are they so obsessed with bronzing…sigh.

  2. MandyPandy says

    Yes, I also need bronzer to be almost completely matte and brown, not orange (though most are). My favorite bronzer is made by Wet N’ Wild, in shade 701 Light/Medium. I also like Bourjois’ Delice de Poudre in Peau Claire.