Dior Creme De Gloss – Grown up lipgloss

Seduced by Monica Bellucci…

I fell madly in love with my Dior Denim Rose Gloss I purchased last week (on top of MAC Masque – pretty combo!).

So I decided to give two of the Creme De Glosses a go in Fig and Beige Elixir.


The blurb says;

Crème de Gloss

What it is:
A creamy lipstick in a gloss.

What it is formulated to do:
Dior is on everyone’s lips this fall. Dior Crème de Gloss combines lush, sensuous color with rich, sexy shine in this revolutionary creamy lipstick gloss.

What else you need to know:
Crème de Gloss is deeply moisturizing and nourishing, with a refreshing white tea fragrance. Choose from eight chic colors.

I say:

Crème de Gloss
What it is:
A thick, slightly dry lipgloss. I suppose it does look a bit lipsticky.

What it is formulated to do:
Well, it looks rich, but it isn’t that plumping and more importantly, not very shiny. I can see the glitter in the tube, but I don’t see it in on lips.

What else you need to know:
It feels nice on the lips, but not overwhelmingly so. Fig is a grown up plummy shade, a bit too grown up for my liking – where’s the fun?! Where are my blue microsparkles?! Beige is quite a deep beige – not the nude, creamy beige I was hoping for. I like the packaging, tis very glam.

Blah overall if you ask me. I was hoping for more. Maybe I need things straight up – if you are a gloss, then be a gloss. If you are a lipstick, be a lipstick.

I love my lipsticks that look glossy but a gloss that works like a lipstick? I don’t know…I don’t see the point? Anyway the two colours I have aren’t anything special, so perhaps in a different colour I could like this product. Untill then…its a Meh.

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  1. Row says

    Noooo!!! Step away from Fig Nectar. No it is nice, but you need something with green multi sparkles, damn it!