Diets & Cook Yourself Thin

Diets are big business – for companies who make food substitutes, for people who make fat burning drugs, for gyms, personal trainers etc.

There are 101 ways people claim you can lose weight. Presuming you don’t have any medical problems, eating well and exercise will normally help shift a few pounds. This would be my method if I were to go “on a diet” – not really a diet just doing obvious things like not drinking so much of my beloved Cola and eating less crisps. And obviously, do a bit of exercise a few times a week (I don’t do any of this so I can’t complain about any extra podge!).

So what did I get free with my purchase from (a beautiful SooLee dress – I mean so cute! but doesn’t suit my figure :(…) – a book from the new Channel 4 series, “Cook Yourself Thin”.

I saw one episode of this on tv – another dieting fad, I thought. Cook Yourself Thin? I get it, reducing fat in day to day dishes right? Not using butter and oil in recipies. Avoiding full fat when you can use skimmed. Etc. etc.

Anyway without any preconceptions, I’ve had a read of the book – it’s ok. It is essentially a recipie book with some good ideas on how to cut down the calorie intake of dishes like, the Full English Breakfast.

The recipies are no easier than your average recipe from Nigella (don’t get me started on Nigella – out of 6 receipes I tried, four did not work out, most notably, the flourless brownies, and the chocolate mousse. Could be my own incompetence, but I did genuinely follow the instructions.) and some of the food comparisions are just….irritating. I don’t know why I find them annoying. Example:


Two Thick Slices of toast with Butter and Chocolate Spread (630 Calories)


Two Medium slives of toast with butter & marmite (335 Calories)

– Maybe it’s just me but whatever bread I have in is what ever bread I have in. I don’t actually know many people who buy “thick” toast but maybe I should start measuring my bread. And as for substituting Choc with marmite – it is a totally different thing. People sometimes want sweet, sometimes savoury. If you have a sweet craving it will not go away untill you have something sweet. So trying to feed me Marmite when I want Nutella, is like trying to give me Jim Davidson when I want Wentworth Miller.

Another example:

Large Jacket Potato with butter and tuna mayo for:
Medium jacket Potato with reduced fat houmous and chargrilled med veg

– Where I’m from, asking for a “medium” as opposed for a “large” potato makes me a “weirdo”. You get what size you are given I guess and its the same if I was to ask for reduced fat houmous!

Anyway I could go on. I think it’s the fact that this book is focused on calories (it does advise on exercising as well) and I can’t imagine living a life obsessed with what I ate.

I have a friend on Weightwatchers, who all credit to her, has lost a lot of weight. But she won’t exercise, not one bit because she is depending on the food side of weight loss rather than the the exercising and toning up. There is nothing more uninteresting than listening to someone talk about the “points” system and describing to me how many calories and points are in the Chocoate Cheesecake I am eating.

Diets should be done in moderation shouldn’t they? Common sense will go a long way when it comes to eating better and burning off the fat, and surely they two should be done in conjunction, not exclusively. Balance in everything!

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