Did you see?

Psstttt. I don’t do these posts very often but as I am going to recouperate this weekend, I wanted to share with you 10 posts you definitely need to read to get to know this blog!

1. The day I got fluttery lashes

2. You ready for yellow lipstick?

3. When I get bored, I depot!

4. When I overcame my fear of the dentist!

5. When I got curly hair the lazy bum way

6. Everyone should have a loose powder kohl…but which?

7. Love me, love my make up collection

8. The lowdown on Cleansing Oils

9. I moan a lot about customer service

10. Don’t forget all the tutorials are here!

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  1. Grace London says

    SpaceNK true story: I bought a Kiehl’s body lotion, and then noticed it had an expiry date on it with just two months to go, so I took it back the same day. They didn’t have any with a different expiry date, so the assistant tried to persuade me to keep it with “It won’t turn into poison after the expiry date, it will just be less effective.”

    Umm. Not sold. Please give me my money back.