DHC Tourmaline Pack Review – A Deep Cleansing Face Mask!

I am a fan of DHC skincare and cosmetic products, although the brand is better known in Asia than in the UK. I was surprised to find the DHC UK site (ok, I just didn’t look very hard) which sells some of their bestsellers like the Cleansing Oil and Lash Tonic at good prices too! Basically it saves me having to wait 2 weeks and pay for international shipping.

Another one of their popular products is the Tourmaline Mask:


Sayeth DHC:

Bring back your skin’s natural glow with this mineral-rich mask. Micro-fine particles of precious tourmaline gems help promote radiance, while kaolin and bentonite clays remove impurities and absorb excess oil to help bring a tired-looking complexion back to life.

I am really into face masks at the moment but it has to be quick and it has to be easy. Hence I like sheet masks, but even then, sometimes I’m just too lazy to even peel the packet open. (I really like Neutrogena 2 in 1 Mask and Bliss Oxygen Mask at the moment – quick quick quick!).

Tourmaline Pack is an old school mask:


What do I mean by an old school mask?

Well, it reminds me of the stuff my mum used to have and I would “borrow”.

It’s got an extremely THICK texture – like an old style mud mask but it’s quite hard to work with. It’s hard to squeeze out of the tube, it’s hard to spread and you have to use quite a lot of product.

Apart from that it’s ok – doesn’t smell funny, didn’t give me any allergic reactions.

So I applied this mask as-per-intructions – and the verdict?…


Well, on the plus side, my skin looked bright and radiant, it felt softer and my pores seemed smaller.

On the bad side, the morning after I had broken out BIG-STYLEE – spots all over my chin and around the jaw line – Stephen Hendry* had nothing on me – and because my skin has been dry too I haven’t been able to pop them.

So if you are going to use this product, do realise that it is going to draw out impurities so don’t use it too close to a big occasion!

Also, this is better for Oilier skins – I think it exacerbated my dry patches.

I’ve just seen on the UK site that it’s going to be discontinued – so if you want to try it you’ll have to find it somewhere else!

*You need to be an 80s child that was forced to watch Snooker to get this reference.

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