DHC Launches in Selfridges!

Maybe it’s because I have such a big interest in Japanese brands anyway, I forget that not everyone has heard of or tried DHC.  

DHC is a major brand in Asia with a vast range of products.  But if you have never heard of them before or given them a try, now you have a chance!  Selgridges.com and Selfridges London will now be stocking a selection of Japanese products:

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil 1

Deep Cleansing Oil (£21.50): the world-wide bestselling cleanser with one sold every 10 seconds

Olive Virgin Oil Swabs (£4.50): individually wrapped oil-soaked swabs to sweep away make up mistakes.  Also the perfect cuticle softener.

Eyelash Tonic (£10.50): a conditioning botanical gel to nourish lashes and encourage regrowth.

Blotting Paper (£4.00): natural hemp fibre blotting sheets to absorb excess oil.

Make Off Sheets (£6.95): pure cotton make-up removal sheets with three-in-one cleansing, toning and moisturising. 

Silky Cotton (£4.50): premium silk-blend fibre-free pads for luxury make-up and nail polish removal.

Now – truth be told, you can already find these products online from eBay or the DHC store but if you don’t fancy ordering from abroad, or you can get to Selfridges London, then it’s a good option. 

I personally like the Deep Cleansing Oil, and the Silky Cotton is good if you want to do quick sheet masks with a essence/toner.

Have you ever tried DHC? 

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