D’Feel Lash Curling Technology!

If there’s one beauty thing I am obsessed with it’s how to get curly lashes that stay all day. I have 30 mascaras and I can say honestly, only 2 truly do not cause any – shall we call if ‘floppage’?!

So Imagine how excited I was when I saw this product be a company call D’Feel lash curlers. You click in a canister into the curler section, lock, then spray and curl at the same time:

It apparently covers the lashes with polymers.

Notes for Curly Eyelashes

1. For better result, apply mascara first before using the D feel mascara curler.
2. Remember to clip the eyelashes from the bottom of the eyelashes.
3. After clipping, hold for a few seconds.
4. Pull the ring, spray will come out and hold for a few seconds till the spray stops.
1. Take it out and finish

Q & A

Q1. Do the eyes need to be closed when using the curler?
Eyes can be open when using it.
Q2. Can it be used when contact lens are wearing?
Q3. Can the curler be used for the lower eyelashes?
No. It can be used for the upper eyelashes only.
Q4. How to remove it?
It can be washed away by water.

My verdict? I don’t think it works…I have tried several times. It’s difficult not to squirm when you curl with the flimsy plastic curlers (I was too scared too press to hard as I have cracked every pair of plastic eyelash curlers I have ever had) because the liquid squirts out from underneath.

I have tried holding it in place to let it set but my lashes are worse off than when I use my usual metal curlers. I think the D’feel curler itself is not good enough at curling so I tried curling first then spraying the liquid. The liquid made my lashes glossy but it stil didn’t hold them in place.

If anyone has a secret method please do share! but for now it is just sitting in a drawer…..

D’feel can be bought from Bobodave for around £32 (Note, Bobodave charge for shipping, insurance and Paypal charges)

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