D’Feel Eyelash Curler & Privacy Eyelash Spray

If there is one thing that I would like to swap with my boyfriend, its not his hairy arms, but his long, lush, curly eyelashes.

Everyone knows long lashes are wasted on straight men. And he has the cheek to whine in front of me *ooh, my lashes are getting tangled*.

Unfortunately I do not have this problem. My lashes are short, straight, sparse.

In a pursuit of curly lashes, I will stop at nothing, bar a lash perm – because they cost £60 where I am, but adding up the costs of eyelash curlers (Total – eight), heated curlers (Total – 2) and mascaras that are SUPPOSED to curl (Total – 27, and counting), I may as well of had a lash perm.

Anyway, I thought I would share two items which cling on to the dreams of us straight lashed gals.

D’Feel Eyelash Keeper:

I don’t know what a Carlkepspra is either. I think it supposed to say Curl Keep Spray. Hello, proof reader?!

The idea of this contraption is that you use the gas canister, then press the curler down, and it coats the lash with a polymer layer. So it says on the packet but I can’t read most of the ingredients.

My verdict? This think cost me £28, and it does NOTHING. Well, not for me.

Firstly, the curling part is plastic and very very flimsy. I don’t use plastic curlers as they always break on me, so this one is similarly flimsy.

Secondly, you have to press down hard to release the spray. This is hard because whilst curling lashes, the last thing you want to do it make a sudden jerking movement, but its hard not to with this curler.

Also, when the spray releases, naturally, one wants to blink = jerking. This is not a gentle spray action, it is quite a short, sharp one but is not good for the eye area.

So it didnt curl my lashes, it didn’t hold curl, and yes it stung. Nil Points.

And because I am a sucker, I decided to try this baby; Privacy Eyelash Keeper Spray:

This spray is put onto the curlers first, which sounds like a good idea!

I tried it out today and…I cried.

And cried.

And cried.

Because I had never felt pain like it. Like searing hot coals had but thrown into my eye. I suspect the substance is not far off hairspray (it certainly smells like Elnett – or what ever the 80s hairspray is called).

Did it hold my curl. For a second, yes, before three layers of mascara and Laura Mercier Caviar Liner ran down my face.

*Sigh* I guess that’s another two things to add to the “Why did I buy this?” bin. Is an eyelash perm the way to go? I mean, if done professionally, it should produce a good result right?….

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  1. Vanessa says

    Yikes! That sucks it didn’t work out, I hate when that happens to me, and it’s expensive! But wow burns huh?? Geezus!

  2. Row says

    Yup it HURTS! My eyes are still sore now! But then again it must work for someone or they wouldn’t be on sale? (Maybe…)

  3. MandyPandy says

    Tangled eyelashes are no joke! My lashes are always tangled and it’s the most irritating thing ever; plus, it makes me look ridiculous.

    The Engrish description is hilarious, much like watching a sitcom in another language; I can’t understand a thing but I know I should be laughing my arse off.

    We should have my mother translate the blurb for us; her English is so bad, she’d probably understand it 100%.

  4. the Muse says

    oh my gosh! Sorry Rows! I never have a problem with it!!!! I LOVE this stuff!


    God lord sounds terrible :(

  5. Row says

    Mandy Pandy – shhhh take you long tangled lashes and go! If I had that problem I would take a lash comb with me and comb it all the time.

  6. Ashley says

    .. I’m about one year late but I’m SOOO glad I found your review! My mom just left for Hong Kong & the Privacy Eyelash Curl Keeper was on my “To Get Me” list… I won’t be trying out the product until she gets back (2 weeks from now) but I’ll keep cold water & eye drops handy in case my eyes burn from the product. I’m hoping it’s a hit/miss product… I want curls!!