Dermaoil Skin Repair & Anti-Stretchmark Oil Review

I really love using rich body oils that sink nicely into the skin after a shower (dry oils I have realised, don’t really suit my skin) so was happy to try out this Dermaoil product, which feels like it’s in the same vein as Bio Oil – it’s for skin repair and stretch marks.  


They say: Dermaoil Skin Repair & Anti-Stretchmark Oil is a topical specialist skincare product for anti-ageing, scars and stretch marks.Contains breakthrough ingredient Collageneer, which is clinically tested and proven to be effective in anti-ageing skin treatment. Intensely moisturising for rehydration of the skin, body and face. Free from wheat, preservatives, colourings, yeast and synthetic fragrances.Dermaoil is suitable for all skin types.

This oil has a lovely thick yellow rich texture, like olive oil but better since it has a slightly orange like – essential oil – like scent and it sinks nicely into the skin without leaving a horrible slick.  It also seems to work a dream on my tummy and boobs which need it post baby – it hydrates and makes everything seem smoother. It works well on the c-sec scar in terms of keeping the scar feeling softer (I don’t know about other ladies by mine can feel tight and uncomfortable sometimes). It feels better to me than the likes of Bio-Oil because of the richer, more substantial texture, and it contains better ingredients. 

Some places you can use the oil:

Dermaoil 1

The oil can also be used for massage and be used on the face. I really do think this is an excellent oil and I finished a whole bottle up in just 2 weeks (using it daily after the shower – whoops).  

The ingredients list reminds me of Wonder Oil  which I also think is an excellent all over oil – as you can see the ingredients list is quite good (not just a gallon of mineral oil with some fragrance in it) and it certainly makes me skin feel smooth and hydrated. 



Dermaoil costs £9.99 (usually £24.99) and you can buy it here. 


*PR Sample

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