Depotting NYX Trios

Didn’t I say I was on a depotting frenzy?

I have 9 NYX trios (overwhelmingly green).

There are three methods you can follow – there is Enkore’s which us using Isopropyl Alchohol here, and then there’s another U Tube video where the trio is baked here, finally there is the traditional over the candle method, as used by Vanessa here.

I am scared of using heat because they totally ruined my NARS shadows. However, you do need patience to do use the Enkore method (which I don’t have) plus I have 9 palettes to do.

As for the oven method, mine is ommiting a strange smell so…it has to be the good old fashioned method.

Here are my quads. Vanessa has a good guide on how to do it bit by bit – it was ok getting the pan out of the case, but you do need something sturdy and thin.

You need a candle, some kind of grip, towel…

You need to melt it over a tealight.

It starts to bubble like this then it is soft enough.

After two pans, I started to feel dizzy. We are melting plastic people! This gives of toxic fumes! I seriously stated seeing dots…so yes, try and do this in a well ventilated room or outdoors or on a balcony.

Anyway the boyfriend took over at the point, whilst telling that “Make up is the most pointless thing ever”.

Bad boyfriend! He will have to tolerate Make Up for as long as I have to tolerate Tekken Online!

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