Depotting Lavshuca Singles

I was in the mood for depotting yesterday, so I went on a bit of a depotting frenzy!

I started with Lavshuca singles, since they are fiddly to use when you are trying to apply multiple colours and you need to open one, close one, open one etc.

So – these are very easy to depot as they are held down by a tacky clear glue (non drying) like the Shu uemura ones. So all you need is a think knife or flat head screwdriver that can fit through the gaps to go in here.

So here is the original:

Stick the screwdriver in:

Wipe off the excess glue on the back. See? the name is on the back so no need to peel off the label from the case:

All my Lavshuca shadows in a MAC Palette (they fit!).

Lavshuca shadows, by the way, are gorgeous and soft. The gold and silver in the solos are particuraly nice and are similar to the RMK Holographic/Glitter Eyes but much much cheaper and to be honest, more pigmented.

Wa-hey! All neat and organised.

P.S. Because the pan is so close to the case you need to be careful. Use a towel underneath to grip the pan because you could hurt yourself if you slip or even worse, damage the eyeshadow 😉

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