Demeter Fragrance Library

I noticed Demeter Fragrances years back but never bothered with them untill recently.  I remember back then they had scents like Fresh Water, Rain and Dirt. They now have tons of extremely tempting scents.

They are colognes, and are supposed to capture the true “essence” of each scent.  There’s over 200 scents, so lots to choose from.

The Perfume house founded by Christopher Brosius and Christopher Gable in 1993. Their first release was Fresh Water.

Their huge “Fragrance Library” now has 100+ scents that range from the evocative (Crust of Bread, Gingerale, Sugar Cookie) to the somewhat odd (Stable, Sushi, Humidor) to the downright bizarre (Turpentine, Earthworm, Funeral Home

Funeral Home!  Nothing like the scent that reminds you of burying your Aunt Molly to cheer you up on a Monday morning.

If your sensible, you’ll investigate the classic flower and vanilla scents.  I went mid way, and choose Wet Garden and Laundromat.

Just as all Dirt is not created equal, so too, all Wet Gardens are not created equal. In the case of our Demeter Wet Garden, time is as important as place. Our Wet Garden takes place at Easter, full of early spring flowers, including young shoots and buds, after a hard April rain. It is the combinations of those flowers, the rain and the oils from the rich spring soil that comprise this fragrance, one of the most complex in the Library, but one that remains accessible, understandable and eminently wearable.

When this arrived it was half spilt because the spray part of the bottle was loose – so I didn’t have the best of experiences with it since I stunk of it for the rest of the day.

This definately smells flowery.  It reminds me a bit like a rose when you pull the petals off and sqelch it between your fingers – the pulp smells like this scent.  It’s also quite obvious and quite strong; after a bit it’s given me a headache.  It’s almost too flowery, too strong for my liking.  Just the briefest waft of it is making me feel a bit ill at the moment.  Duh.

Then I got Laundromat:

This is simply the freshest, cleanest scent imaginable.

J.F. Cantrell, having noticed that personal washing machines are a luxury many of his neighbors cannot afford, opens the first Laundromat, in Fort Worth, Texas. Soon thereafter, household appliances will get a facelift as the popularity of streamline design grips America. At Demeter, we celebrate April 18th as the inspiration for the freshest, cleanest scent we know, our version of Laundromat cologne.

Ok my verdict? It reminded me of moth killer.  Kind of a bit like moth balls too..I love the smell of moth balls. But I hate moth spray.  This smells like the latter.  Yes readers I hate it.  It’s not really that fresh – for me it just smells like being in a tiny flat in Hong Kong and trying to kill off some bugs before they bite me to death.  I was hoping for that smell when you pull your hot sheets out of the wash, comforting and toasty.  Duh again.

To be honest I got the 2 scents I thought they probably couldn’t screw up and I don’t like either.  I would try again though, maybe something even safer like Vanilla or Strawberry.

Here are some other interesting scents:

My boyfriend needs this.  He needs to do more dusting.


Nothing sexier than smelling like a worm, right?!

If you want to investigate the site is here. I paid £15 each for these. Thankgod it’s nearly Christmas!

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