Deep Heat Muscle Rescue Neck Shoulder Cream Review

Deep Heat usually comes in bright red packaging and is all GRRR and angry – but the recent newer releases are softer, more feminine for more regular use. 

I have the Muscle Rescue Neck & Shoulder Cream:

Deep Heat Muscle Rescue Neck Shoulder Cream

Let me tell you know that when it comes to products like Deep Heat, I like them like a scotch bonnet – hot hot hot.  And most western market heat rub products or plasters are way too wimpy for me. I’m used to the Asian ones that my Nan sneaks through customs that really do create deep deep heat and take off half your hair with it. 

So…I wasn’t sure what to expect from this product. With it being in girly packaging too I expected it would be a heat cream for the more delicate flowers out there.

Anyway, so I ask Mr C to apply it for me.  He starts squeezing the white cream out of the sponge applicator. What are you doing, you wimp? I say. It’s just a cream! It won’t be too hot! Use your fingers!

No, he says, just let me do it like this.

The Applicator:

Deep Heat Muscle Rescue Neck Shoulder Cream 1

Dab dab dab….

Suddenly I feel the burn. Ouch…oohh…nice…I like it. It’s hot.  It’s really HOT. I approve- this is my level of hot – it gets there to the point of almost uncomfortable then retains the heat for a while before fading away gently leaving slightly slightly red skin.  

But god it’s worth it. My shoulder felt much better afterwards. 


Deep Heat Muscle Rescue Neck Shoulder Cream

I certainly wouldn’t use this everyday, only when the pain is really bad and unbearable, it soothes things for a little while.  Also, I can’t smell the Rosemary and Vanilla, I can only smell red hot skin when I use this.

I highly recommend this product if you are looking for a HOT muscle rub cream. And yes, use the sponge applicator!

This costs £5.29 from good pharmacies and online.

*PR sample.

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