Debacles! and Chanel Allure Laque Lip Gloss

What a day I’ve had.  Had a pretty good week but Friday has crushed me in terms of general stressful happenings.  You know when you head hurts, your hands are a little shaky and you have odd bowel movements.  Oh, that’s just me.

I needed a treat.  Just something to perk up an otherwise diabolic day.


Yeah right, I wish.


 No, some Chanel silly!  Went to have a look at lunch time.  They had a nice little display up with some of their new Rouge Allure’s matching polish, lip liners and Laque glosses – which are supposed to last 8 hours.  The glosses came quite a few shades ranging from bright deep reds to a pale pink.  I didn’t have time to swatch them all and because my net at home if OFF, I won’t be able to post pics of the ones I bought for a day or so.

chanel1 First impressions? The gloss is VERY thick, VERY pigmented.  Some of the shades have shimmer but its not very glittery or shimmery like the other Chanel glosses can be. 

“It’s not a lip gloss, its a lip lacker” the SA told me.

“A lacker?” I said? “Nice”

Anyway, it didn’t stop be getting two shades, Ming a pale pink and Mandarin, a glossy orangey-red with gold flecks, a day and evening selection.  I don’t like the name Ming for a lip gloss – it reminds me of  ‘Minging’ or ‘Minger’. 

‘Rowena, you lipstick is minging’

‘Er – thanks? I think?’.

They also had a red, called Dragon (I think) which was just so beautiful but let’s face it – for £22.50 (ARGH) I wanted something that could cross over day and evening looks.

Products pictures to follow.  But there you have it.  You don’t need inner peace! You just need a new Chanel lipgloss!

p.s. when I review properly I will put it up to test against some peri-peri chicken, yay!

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  1. Mable says

    You know when you head hurts, your hands are a little shaky and you have odd bowel movements. *nods* Yep, I sure know that feeling.

    I can’t wait to see the reviews and lip photos! Anything Chanel on stressful days make me feel better. An Hermes silk scarf or two can’t hurt either. Haha.

    Hey, btw I got the two flaps from the post! Do you want me to send you some pics?~ ^.^