DAY 7: Ear Cleaner

Last day of Beauty Tool Week! And we have:


Metal Ear Cleaner.

This is a small little tool which can be use to deal with inner ear itchness and to remove ear wax. It is a rounded shape to help prevent any injury and stops you from sticking it in too far.

Point 1: smaller rounded tip – Remove big and compacted ear wax easily. Release ear itchiness inside ear canal.

Point 2: thin rounded tip – Remove smaller and moist ear wax easily. Release ear itchiness outside ear canal. It is suitable for younger child.

Point 3: Clean by dry cloth. Just Rotate and wipe the tips lightly, the dirty ear wax is removed easily.

I have tried this and it’s a nifty little tool although it is a tad gross. It works much better than a ear bud though, and can remove dry flaky skin too. I also tend to stick ear buds too far in my ear and hurt my ear drum so I like this product. If I could only find it…yes, I lose everything.

I like, you like?

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  1. says

    I have something similar to this. Whenever my dad comes to the states from Taiwan, he’ll get 10 of these since everyone loses theirs. =P