DAY 6: Nose Cleaner


This thing resembling a foot file is actually a deep pore nose cleanswer! It’s made of floppy rubber. You stick your finger in the end and scrub after you have put your cleanser on.

It’s a no brainer really. It keeps you skin nice and clean, is good for targeting a greasy nose area. I quite like it although, I don’t actually know where mine is. Kitty thief?

Lots of these on eBay for a few quid. This is good for upkeep basically and more effective then all those endless nose packs and strips I put on. This is a elbow grease product.

Off for my RMK facial now! Happy Saturday to those who are nursing a sore head!

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  1. says

    I could use one of these for my stubborn blackheads! Strips aren’t helping me much plus they make my skin itch after removal…

  2. Row says

    Hey Blu

    Yes I think thsi product is good for up keep after you have extracted use this to keep clean!