Day 6 Christmas Giveaways: Win a Fleurs De Bach Body Scrub

#alttext#To celebrate the festive month, Cosmetic Candy will be giving away a goody a day up until December the 25th! To keep things interesting, I am giving away all kinds of goodies, not just beauty!

You can enter all the giveaways and winners will be chosen in the first week of January. Use the Christmas Giveaways Tag to see all the contests.

All contests are open internationally and you can enter using the comments or via Twitter.

Good Luck & have an wonderful Christmas!

I’ve tried the Fleurs De Bach Skincare range and it’s really lovely stuff. Today I have the gorgeous body scrub, worth £32 for you to win!


Turn the rough into the smooth and whip your skin into shape with this gentle body scrub based on Cane Sugar crystals from Thailand for a silky smooth exfoliation. The final touch of Apricot Pip powder, a natural emollient, will soften and soothe the most sensitive skins. Used once a week (on wet skin) this pampering treat will work hard to remove dead skin cells, leaving you feeling refreshed and totally relaxed from top-to-toe.

Wanna win a pot?
Method 1.

Answer the following question:

We are talking Christmas. Looks like I might be sat at home doing a LOT of film watching….so tell me,

What is your ultimate Christmas film?


Home Alone, obviously.

Method 2.

Follow me on Twitter and retweet (RT) the following message:

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Good Luck!

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  1. Julie Henderson says:

    Miracle on 32nd street and santa claus with tim allen – amazing


  2. Mine is The Polar Express – never fails to make me feel all warm and emotional :)

  3. I’d have to say Love Actually…cheesy as it is, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside lol

  4. Home Alone, hands down. It plays on tv every year. It’s a good thing there are 3 parts to it and I like them all cos they’re funny and sweet at the same time. Just have to keep the desire for novelty out of the house.

  5. Kirsty Taunt says:

    I would say mine is the Muppets Christmas Carol, I love it!

    I have also tweeted @kltaunt

  6. Hi! I also like Love actually! Have watched it for 6 times already ;)

  7. A charlie brown Christmas

  8. I hate to repeat the same film, but my vote is for Love Actually too! I’ve watched it more times than I can count, but it’s even more sublime at Christmas :)

  9. Yasmin Butt says:

    Jimmy Stewart’s ‘ It’s a wonderful life.’ : )

    I like the fact it has lows and highs and a bit of the sweet supernatural thrown in with Clarence the Angel. A true adult fairytale but one all the family can enjoy.

  10. it has to be Love Actually!

  11. Holly Green says:

    Love the Muppets Christmas Carol :)

  12. miracle on the 32nd street
    I watch it at least 3 times every year
    absolutly love it!!!

  13. Love Actually fun yet deep love love love it!!! Makes me smile every time xx

  14. definitely agree with most of the ladies here… Love Actually has to be my fave too!! I watch it every xmas with my girlfriends.. & with junkfood & drinks!!

  15. Rebecca Ho says:

    but they really need to release some new good christmas films!

  16. I will always love the Snowman – I’m 21 and still watch it with my dad every Christmas Day. It’s been our little Christmas tradition since I was tiny.

  17. Mine is also Home Alone, back when I was very young that movie was passed religiously every Christmas Eve on our TV stations every single year. After so many years of watching the same movie, it’s pretty much a staple for a portuguese christmas lol

  18. Roisin Curran says:

    Although I love the old favourites like home alone my favourite is a film called grounded but I watch that all year round, it just makes me feel happy.

  19. I’m going to sound like an echo… But it’s also Love, Actually.
    I also watch both Bridget Jones’ Diaries.

    btw, I think the Twitter message is incomplete. The link is missing…

  20. It has to be Nightmare Before Christmas!

  21. Home Alone is fun! :D

  22. This is a nice prize :) I think I should enter )). I don’t really have an “ultimate Christmas film” I guess I’d just watch Desperate Housewives season 7, (I’ve seen all the other seasons) they always make me giggle.

  23. absolutely nightmare before christmas but also santa claus (tim allen)

  24. My favorite Christmas movie is Love, Actually – it’s such a feelgood movie and I love watching it!
    I also watch Die Hard every year during christmastime, hehe.

  25. Home Alone! The second movie in particular when he’s lost in New York and his mother finds him at the Christmas Tree in the City Square! Awwwwh :) Used to watch the first 2 movies all the time during the Christmas Holidays when I was a school kid. Brings back happy memories whenever I see the movies again.

  26. tousledkitten says:

    Definitely Home Alone.

  27. love actually and all of the harry potter movies. their mood is as magical as christmas time :P

  28. Home Alone for sure.

  29. Mine is santa claus i love it…itsnot christmas until ive seen dudley moore lol x

  30. Elf has to be the BEST movie for xmas, xmas isnt complete without watching it!! x

  31. Love Actually

  32. Hands down Scrooged! I have been told I’m related to the Ghost of Christmas Present. Or as she is known to me, the Toaster Faerie. :D

  33. A Muppets Christmas Carol :D xx

  34. home alone!!

  35. Definitely Home Alone!! :)


  36. Deborah Curwen says:

    I love Home Alone but think it’s getting a bit dated now.

    Now I’d have to say Elf as it’s a great family film with mix of animation and real sets/people so quite entertaining.

  37. Nightmare before Christmas!

  38. Home Alone … I like to watch it since I was in kindergarden…

  39. Home Alone, but I can’t watch it every year C:

  40. Diana Cotter says:

    The Snowman – so bittersweet and ephemeral – just like childhood.

  41. layla fletcher says:

    Mine is The Snowman aswell. Its not like christmas until I have seen and cried while watching it

  42. Some children’s Christmas film :)

  43. I always wanna watch ‘Ben Hur’ during Christmas…Christmas feels weird to me if that movie doesn’t air on tv XD.

    But I think 1 of my fave Christmas movies has to be ‘Scrooged’ with Bill Murray.

  44. A Christmas Story – the leg lamp! A tongue frozen to a pole! The Red Ryder BB gun! I still get a kick out of the movie, years and many watchings later.

  45. Has to be “The Year without a Santa Claus”. Heat Miser and Cold Miser. :)

  46. The Nightmare Before Christmas. Though I’ll be watching Inception for the 3rd time in 3 days tomorrow :D

  47. My ultimate christmas film is All I Want For Christmas!

  48. Actually, I love Polar Express and, of course, Home Alone and Home Alone 2! ^.^

  49. My favourite is Home Alone 3 from the series, heh.

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