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So its really not far til Christmas.

Things have moved so fast for me this year that it hasn’t had much impact, but once I get my little festive break, I will be happily settling into it.

Yes. I feel Christmassy.

So here is my question.

What does Christmas mean to you?


Being wrapped up warm inside and watching possibly one of the best Christmas films ever – SCROOGED! They have to show Scrooged or its not Christmas:


I also like the Queens speech (I am a fan of The Madge) and eating. Coming from a Chinese family we end up having 2 massive meals. Turkey in the day, Chinese food in the evening. This year, we are Wii-ing it all the way!

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  1. Tara says

    Christmas to me means tearing open presents in PJ’s followed by a full english breakfast, board games, harry potter, and GORGING on chocolate! Nom Nom! 😀

  2. says

    Christmas used to mean me not being able to spend it with my parents. They always went to Hong Kong for the holidays without me. Though for the past 2-3 years, we have been able to spend it together. Now, Christmas means being able to enjoy the holidays with my family. Enjoying the company of my most loved ones & capturing all those precious moments with technology :) I’ll treasure it for life & never forget.

  3. cy says

    Christmas to me means turkey! we always say we’re not gona bother but then always end up making it. It also means mooching around all day watching tv :)

  4. Irene says

    christmas to me means on day to spend with all my big family:
    my parents and my 4 brothers, my grandparents, 6 uncles, 8 aunts and 12 cousins
    christmas is the only one day of the year that we can spend all together

  5. Nina says

    Christmas for me is simply spending time with the family and having a wonderful meal together. Being Catholic, we also go to mass on that day.

  6. says

    To me it means arguing, decorating the tree (and get deadly tired of it), eating lots of chocolate cake aaaaand my birthday! YEY It’s on the 26th! I never want Xmas to end…it’s so good! Just watching the nicely done tree in the darkness, lighting up the room with its colors is soo cozy! mmmm

  7. Samantha says

    Christmas to me means going out for Chinese food after being on call all day for the hospital I work at. I’m Jewish!

  8. says

    Christmas means family reunion!!!! So many reunions I just can’t seem to keep it up! There will be bigger reunions for me as there’s my family, my husband’s family, our godfathers and godmothers resunion, friends in Highschool, Friends in College, I just can’t seem to keep up! But most of all, Christmas for me is meeting up with friends and reminiscing on the good ‘ol times :)

  9. makeupdivaa says

    Christmas brings memories of snow covered hills, smells of pine and cookies, traditional music, Decorations, inside and out, lots of pretty lights and sights to behold. Shopping and wrapping, baking and giving,
    and time with family and friends .

    Christmas always meant something to me despite the fact that i am a muslim, i used to go see santa claus in london and ask him for a barbie house , and a game boy or a younger sister who i can play and share my secrets with , but what I remebered the most was when my parents used to take me to see the christmas tree opening which was spectacular and will always be one of my most treasured memories,and when me and my girlfriends went out and sang christmas carols aloud
    Christmas means appreciation: for how much we have; for our friends and family; for traditions and cultures; for the seasons and nature; for life and rebirth.

  10. Mable says

    Christmas means spending lots of quality time indoors with the family. Sleeping in, getting stuffed, and having to diet for the next month to loose the weight gained. Hehehehe. Oh oh, and LOTS of shopping!

  11. says

    When I was younger, Christmas meant lots of tv and a big dinner at my Aunt’s place. Nowadays, Christmas is another day at work in Tokyo, and at night I see lots of couples in fancy restaurants (it’s a day for romance in Japan), while there’s a booming business in “Christmas Cakes”. Hee.

  12. Jo B says

    Christmas to me is sparkle love and warm feelings, I didnt get to celebrate it as a child so for me its ultra special and makes me feel so excited.
    I love every part from the time I see christmas goods in the shop even far too early to the very last moment of 12th night and wrapping the baubles away until next time.

  13. Caroline says

    Christmas for me is deffo family time. Just like you, we have turkey in the afternoon and normally lobster and other chinese food in evening. And playing mahjong all night long ;D

  14. Kirsten says

    Christmas is the time to binge 😛 maybe this year I will get some pills or run alot in the morning to escape the guilt… but the feast with log cakes, cookies, chocolates, my aunt’s signature carrot cake, my mother’s stewed pork, chicken salad, ice cream, giant ham and turkey. Christmas is also a time to listen to my uncles singing Christmas carols (and Daddy, the aunts too but males sing louder) and watch my little cousins perform.

  15. Nadine says

    Christmas is about being with loved ones and enjoying each others company, ripping open pressies and eating lots and lots. This year will be a little different for us as my Dad is no longer with us and he loved the whole thing from the decorations to the Queen’s speech. We shall shed a tear and raise a glass to him but, no doubt, he’ll be watching over us all with his Santa hat on!

  16. says

    I am not a christian, so for me Christmas means getting good deals on all stuffs. Also means saving for the christmas sale :) . It also means getting mulled wine and chicken & stuffing. And of course, being invited over for christmas dinner by my friend (I have to say that I have never been to a christmas dinner till 5 years ago). I just love watching people buying presents. Its fun for me to go to the shopping mall during the christmas season and just observe people.

  17. Claire says

    Christmas is being able to snuggle at home with a great movie, great company, and even better food. 😀 Can’t wait now!

  18. sassyele says

    Hmmm, that’s a difficult question for me! i guess, once you get passed the stresses and worries of christmas, it is a time of coming together, putting your troubles behind you and being thankful for what you’ve got! the sound of Slade belting from the hi-fi, Miracle on 34th Street on the tv, lovely roast dinner with pigs in blankets and stuffing, pulling the crackers and wearing silly hats whilst laughing at ridiculous jokes….its all about togetherness! :-)

  19. Heather says

    Christmas means the celebration of the birth of Jesus, being with family, and sipping delicious hot chocolate while bundled in a warm blanket :)

  20. says

    That is a good question! I have always loved Christmas, even though I don’t celebrate the holiday on a religious note. I do appreciate the air of Christmas. It will always be a nostalgic holiday for me. It reminds me of good memories when it was just my little sister, my mother and I, crammed in a one bedroom apt underneath a warm blanket (because the heat never worked in that building) with our cups outside the window sill catching snow to pour syrup on later. Even though we didn’t have much $$, we always had a well decked out tree and presents. Our home always smelled like warm spices and hot cocoa, and we were well fed a nice huge dinner and bonded over the holiday classics.

    Times have changed now and those days of peace and love have long been gone and us three arent very close thanks to a period of a bad marriage (Domestic Violence) another child (our little brother), divorce and lots of bad seeds sown (which is why we fight). Christmas will always be a period and state of mind for me that reminds me of a time when my mother, sister and I were close, and she was loving and caring. Where I looked at her and felt safety and warmth (the innocence of a child! Not a care in the world). Today, I may not set up a tree and deck out the house, but I do what I can to hold on to that memory as it is a comfort, hoping that maybe, MAYBE one day I can know that peace with her again, just for a moment, before it is too late.

  21. diskogal says

    Well, to me it means being around my family (sadly, we rarely gather all together lately), eating my mother’s stuffed turkey (=perfection) and watching my favorite Christmas movie, Bad Santa!! Oh, it’s not the typical Christmas movie, but I love it!!
    Scrooged is on my top 5 too though :)

  22. says

    for me christmas is such a wonderful time of year .. at least all my family on my dads side all have a family meal since my mum is originally from the uk we arent able to share it with them too. And so its usually a huge meal followed by dvds and chats and prezzies :)

  23. Winnie says

    For me, Christmas means getting to sleep in, waking up to presents, and having wonderful food to eat all day! Christmas feasts with family and friends are lovely.

  24. mint says

    Christmas means family and friends gathering around for special dinners. Lots of fun chatting and present giving. Also sharing some love with everyone. =)

  25. Melissa says

    Christmas means drinking hot cocoa while it snows ever so gently outside and the whole family gathers for lots of laughter and the kitten snuggles by your feet!

  26. says

    Christmas is Fake Christmas; that day or weekend when I get together with my boyfriend and we open gifts in our pjs, go out for a long walk and coffee in the freezing cold and then make some yummy candlelit Christmas lunch substitute. Once Fake Christmas is over, I know it’s time for real Christmas and I trot off back to the North East and wrap myself up in my mum’s house with blankets, stack loads of M&S Xmas food, tv and lots of family cuddles because they’re the best :)

  27. says

    Christmas means you can forget about all the rubbish that has happened during the year and spend time with the people you love the most making them happy and them hopefully returning the favor.

  28. cookinmummy says

    Christmas to me means coming downstairs at 6am to leave santa footprints through the house, watching the kiddies open their pressies, necking bucks fizz, getting frazzled juggling the dinner, stuffing my face, watching eastenders, party games and then to finish off more necking of bucks fizz!

    Ros x

  29. says

    I love Christmas! Sad that I’ve never really had a Christmas. My parents doesn’t know much about Christmas and I can only feel the Holiday Season when I’m shopping outside in the malls. I love all the joys, whites, peace and loves during the season. I feels like living in the shopping complex during this time. I swear that I’ll move to somewhere that I can have my house a chimney so I can have Santa visit me through it, decorate with all the stuffing socks, put up my very own Christmas TREE and go crazy doing all the Christmas shopping. Aaahhh~ one day… I’ll have all these one day for sure.

  30. Phi says

    Sitting at home watching commercial-free tv specials. My all time favourite is The nightmare before christmas. And Eating Pavlova (from nz you see) Meringue, whipped cream, strawberries, mmmm.