Day 5: Hair Remover Coil Stick Thing

This springy stick thing is a hair remover:


All you have to do is curl the ends over so it looks like a U shape then run it against the hairy area. It isn’t recommended for eyebrows but is for moustaches. Fact – it didn’t work on my moustache or anyone elses (female that is) because the hair is way too fine to be pulled out. You need chunky hair for this.


I tried it on a few areas:

Moustache (didn’t work)
Upper Brow (I break rules – didn’t work)
Boyfriends arm (worked, but he hated me afterwards)
Boyfriends toe (worked, he’s a wimp)
Megans leg (she doesn’t have any hair yet)
Mother’s leg (she’s a bit numb methinks)

Anyway, nearly everyone complained and said it was too painful and told me to stop. There is something a bit raw about rubbing a piece of metal across your skin whilst it yanks your hair out – because everyone, including myself are too scared to use it, I have to declare this tool a bit fat fail.

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  1. Helly says

    LOL aww, this worked for me though =) now my face is finally hairfreeeeeeee ( that i dont want lol) !!

  2. Row says

    Hi Helly

    Oh I’m glad it worked for you! It was a total dud on my face but I think it could grab slightly longer hairs else where. But it hurts so much!

  3. says

    Okay this reminds me of those pully-thingies my brother uses to stretch his arm muscles across his chest. I used to play with it, and my hair always gets caught in it and yanked out. Ouch!

  4. Row says

    hey Tine! Yes yes yes! I have done that before (not that I have one of those things but I remember someone had one when I was a kid) and I managed to pull my hair. That reminds me,w hen I was little I used my mums roller brush it was really bristly and i rolled it up to my scalp and couldnt get it out so I got some scissors and cut all the hair off. Always a problem solver, me.

  5. Row says

    hey Blu

    The Epicare ones could be better than these although I thought they would be all from the same factory! Maybe i need more practise!