Day 5 Christmas Giveaways: Nip & Fab Bust Fix Plumping Treatment

#alttext#To celebrate the festive month, Cosmetic Candy will be giving away a goody a day up until December the 25th! To keep things interesting, I am giving away all kinds of goodies, not just beauty!

You can enter all the giveaways and winners will be chosen in the first week of January. Use the Christmas Giveaways Tag to see all the contests.

All contests are open internationally and you can enter using the comments or via Twitter.

Good Luck & have an wonderful Christmas!


Nip & Fab’s Bust Fix is a cream formulated for the boob area – smoothing the skin, adding some ‘juice’…..

Wanna win a tube?Method 1.

Answer the following question:

Whose Boobs would you love to have?


Sofia Veraga, my current girl crush of course! Although I envy those with the Kate Moss figure…trust me, clothes fit better when you don’t have two massive boobs in the way of everything.

Method 2.

Follow me on Twitter and retweet (RT) the following message:

RT @cosmetic_candy: Follow & RT to Win a Nip & Fab Bust Fix. For Info:

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Good Luck!

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  1. christie says

    I’d love to swap boobs with Katy Perry! What this girl lacks in talent she makes up for with an amazing rack. She must use a whole tube of this stuff a day, because her natural boobs are big without being cartoonish, perky and all natural! Totally jealous. I definitely neeed this product STAT!

  2. Starr Magenta says

    Stacey Solomon – she really suits her boobs and the are bigger than normal, which would be prefect for me coz like you cc I have 2 mahoosive funbags – great at certain times but crappy to get clothes to sit right.

  3. LucyB says

    God, I know EXACTLY what you mean about finding clothes to fit over massive boobs! Every new fashion trend that comes along seems to be aimed solely at girls with flat chests. I’d love to have boobs that are big enough to fill out a dress, but small enough that I can wear tops with high necks and not look completely awful. I think Heather Graham’s are perfect :)

  4. Dora says

    I’m definitely going with Monica Bellucci’s not too big and not small either. I so feel your pain…it doesn’t help your figure when you have big boobs when you’re 5’1

  5. says

    I’d love to have breasts that are smaller than mine. I’m 5 foot 1 and about 60% boob, it’s not the best look in the world! If I had to name someone, I’d have to be obvious and say Kelly Brook – nice and big but in proportion!

  6. KIM says

    I have to agree with Jen.. definately Jenifer Anniston’s boobs!!!
    I am petite.. so nothing too huge!!

  7. Cindy says

    Before pregnancy – Katy Perry, definitely!
    After – Salma Hayek! Her breasts are fantastic! Lol

  8. says

    I know this is a bit of a cop out answer but I’d have to say at the moment I am pretty happy with my own a decent size a and shape so I’d be fine to keep them exactly like this :)

  9. yee says

    I like Monica Bellucci’s boobs! They are big, hot and sexy – not big, ugly and disgusting 😀

  10. says

    I agree with everyone who has said katy perry ….Who can forget seeing her with huge great big buns attached to her more than ample cleevage lol x

  11. Vicky says

    I’d have to go with Katy Perry, i just want to fall asleep on those. And i wish i knew what it was to have a cleavage :(

  12. Lora says

    believe me it’s not good having boobs like Kate moss when you’re not skinny like her! Loads of clothes don’t suit me either because they’re made for people who have a bit more filling them out. I have to say after watching I’m a Celeb, Stacey did look great in a bikini

  13. Daintynymph says

    I’d go with Emily Deshanel. Watching Bones it’s not incredibly noticable, and then she’ll put on a low cut shirt. BAM! That’d be nice.

  14. Holly Green says

    After seeing Stacey Solomon in a bikini, I’d kill to have a figure like hers after having a child!

  15. Giselle says

    Hmm…never though of this. I guess I would go with what others are saying, Katy Perry. I have big hips so my little boobs are sad in comparison

  16. Ava says

    Lily Allen for sure, and Katy Perry comes in at second, but they just blow my mind. I think Lily is more proportionate though, so I’d like those much more!!

  17. Yasmin Butt says

    I love my own, just wish they were smaller. If I was going to choose anyones, it would be Angelina Jolie’s, hers are really pretty. I was watching Pushing Tin the other night and actually thought that to myself at the time.

  18. Emma Jackson says

    I would kill for Madonnas boobs!
    They seem to defy gravity (and kids!)
    She is just gorgeous all over!

  19. Caroline Scott says

    I’d love Beyonce’s boobs – not too big but perfectly pert and perky. Failing that, can I have mine back as they were 10 years ago please?