Day 4: Win Nicky Clarke Love Women Ceramic Hair Straighteners!

Cosmetic Candy is giving away a pair of Nicky Clarke Love Women Ceramic Hair Straighteners for the next 5 days. You may enter all 5 days for the better chance of winning!

This competition is open internationally.

Please comment to win.

Winners Announced next week!


Mistakes. We all make them. Apart from Tiger Woods….*sly smile*So today’s question is so simple.

Finish this sentence.

“Why, oh why did I……”



Why, oh why did I……buy all this make up I didn’t need? Now its just sat here and I’ll never use it all, not in this life time!


Why, oh why did I……eat that bag of Chocolate Clusters when I am already full and am pushing size 14? Eek.


Why, oh why did I……answer the door the other day and allow in the harbinger of doom?!


Why, oh why did I……let me hairdresser give me mullet-esque layers – just because I can’t tell what he’s saying most of the time!


Why, oh why did I… Tiger Woods PGA Tour for the PS3? Its going back. TEAM ELIN!

You can do more than one “Why, oh why” if you like!

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  1. sarah A. Dahir says

    Why oh why did I open your post/blog now i keep wishing tat i win something (in tis case nicky clarke) ?? hehehe sorry it was first thing came into my mind :) but daily i think Why oh why i signed up for credit cards now i cant stop spending.. *guilty*

  2. says

    Why, oh why did I recieve the Sleek MakeUp Graphite Palette? These things don’t happen to me!! I’m going to feel really bad if this is meant to be someone elses :'( I’m already grateful for the lipstick that I won!!

  3. Nina says

    Why oh why did I buy those damn heels! It’s so pretty but highly impractical. If I don’t get to wear them by Christmas they’re going to be for sale.

  4. says

    I am pretty sure if I start this I wont be able to stop. For example Why oh why did I just buy something on ebay when I am already so far in my overdraft I cant see the end???

  5. Sarah says

    Why oh why did I succumb to the Youtube “guru advice” and buy the generic 28 neutral palette? Sure, it was only $20AUD, but you know what is cheaper and has the same result? Children’s chalk. Rip. Off.

  6. says

    Why, oh why did I go and fall in love with my ex all over again since he’s back home for christmas.. then i’m going to crushed when he has to go back to the uk after new years ..

  7. Winnie says

    Why, oh why did I set this procrastination streak off by checking your blog? Now I won’t be able to get back to studying anytime soon!

  8. Kip says

    Why, oh why did I bleach my eyebrows cos the fashion blogs said it’s the In thing for 2010 when I have a short bang and now i look just unfortunate?

  9. Melissa says

    Why, oh why did I drink that fourth glass of wine at that holiday party? It was only fitting with all that cheese and crackers…=)

  10. Claire says

    Oh why oh why did I buy my first lip gloss, because now I am hooked indefinitely on pretty packaging and lurvely lip gloss!!

  11. Caroline says

    Why, oh why did I take Math A level when I’m so crap at the subject?
    Why, oh why did I also take Biology when I dont even want to do anything in my life to do with biology?
    Why, oh why do I leave revision to the last minute?

  12. Nadine says

    Why, oh why did I start doing the lottery all those years ago because I never win anything – not even the occasional tenner. I have the same numbers every week but I’m worried that if I don’t do it then my numbers will come up, so each week I dutifully part with £2 and cross my fingers, hope and hope and hope and hope and hope and then give up!!!

  13. cy says

    Why, oh why did I……cut my fringe? It looks ridiculously short right now and makes me look like i’m 12.

  14. diskogal says

    Why oh why did I eat all that frozen lasagna (it wasn’t frozen when I ate it, in my defense)? Now I feel like crap. And it didn’t taste that good to begin with.

    An extra one that I’m thinking right now:
    Why I why didn’t I turn this horrible “Confessions of a Shopaholic” movie off in the first 10 minutes? It was already pretty obvious it was unspeakably bad and only heading to worse, but no, I kept watching till the end. Now there’s 104 minutes I’ll never get back. But oh well. At least there was Hugh Dancy.

  15. Halifax says

    Why, oh why did I jump on the nail polish wagon too late that I missed China Glaze OMG collection? :-)

  16. says

    Why, oh why did I trust those damn girls to gave me a lift to home from college? They knew they were full on the car and they still promised to take me, and I believed them! Even tho I knew they were untrustworthy! Now I spent a half day waiting for a lift from my Mom who had other things to do in the other side of the country and we even got lost on the way back home…..greeeaaat!……..what a good day!

  17. Tara says

    Why, oh why did I buy that £100 L.A.M.B. dress when I havent worn it once…& why, oh why did I but another one for another £100 wand do the same thing…Whoops…

  18. Vicky says

    Why, oh why did I agree to all that overtime at work, how am i going to give my friends their xmas pressies now! [Uni all next week&work till xmas eve!:(]

  19. says

    Why oh why am I dyeing my hair purple right now? I know why I am re-dyeing it blue in the middle, but the purple all over is a first. I hope it comes out good. And why oh why didn’t I use gloves? *oogles purple fingers*

  20. says

    why oh why did I buy that skin care set from La Roche Posay? I already have a ton of samples to work through already…

  21. Heather says

    Why, oh why did I just eat that 2nd bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream. Dang, I am SO gonna feel that later! :p

  22. says

    Why, oh why did I… not go on that vacation to New York with my mother, and instead stayed home in -40 degree Celsius weather?!

  23. Kirsten says

    Why, oh why did I…… sign all the salon packages I didn’t need, now I busted my credit and I’ll be broke for 1 year. OMG ALL THE COSMETICS I COULD HAVE BOUGHT!!!

  24. Jo B says

    Why oh why did I mention that I was so busy I couldnt get everything done in time for Christmas, I now have an interfering MIL (who says us modern girls dont know how to keep house) arriving to help!!!!!!!!

  25. Heather T. says

    Why oh why did I spend 4 hours doing beauty related things on the internet when I should be writing an essay.