Day 4: Hair Curler

Day 4 – our tool is a hair roller!:


The idea is that your roll is down the centre then push the bottom over and it seals the hair in. So you don’t need any clips to secure it and its better than velcro rollers as they stay in a lot better, although that’s not demonstrated with my cack handed application –

(Megan went all ANTM (America’s next top model) on me with this one)


They are made of rubber so I’m not sure if I should be blow drying them plus it would take 10 hours to dry so I am thinking this would be a nice product to pop in and leave in when you have a day of lounging about – then at when your hair is finally dry – curly curls!

This was around £6 with post and packing for a pack of 8. I got 2 packs since I have extra long hair at the moment.

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  1. Row says

    Hi Pandy

    yes they are a bit. On megs hair its ok but on longer hair, it does pull and if you wind it to tight its a little uncomfortable when you pop it back out to wind it down. But not as painful as childbirth, like.

  2. Row says

    Hi Nikki

    Yeah it dose take a while to put them all in your hair but its a longer lasting natural curl than with curlers I find.