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I am super duper lazy when it comes to my hair – you already know that, right?But some of you are so good at doing your hair – so I want to know….

What is your top electrical tool and your top styling products?

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Well I have so so so so many electrical hair tools – addicted to buying and drying them when infact I am too lazy to use them regularly. I let my hair dry naturally most of the time unless its bedtime and my its wet (my nan said it gives you Arthritis).

But – At the moment, I love my Diva conical wand. Its easy and kinda slick (hair review coming up). As for products…I hate crusty and over styled hair, I do, so I am a fan of Bumble & Bumble products like the Tonic Spray.

I also like SALA (Japanese brand) curling milk (yes, milk) and I bought the entire Shu Uemura styling range. I also like Aveda and Clynol Aloe Soothe Shampoo.

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  1. says

    I am even lazier with my hair than you are. ๐Ÿ˜€

    I had a pair of surprisingly good Babyliss straighteners up until about 5/6 weeks ago when they broke (am now borrowing my sisters’ every morning), and that was all I used in conjunction with Tresemme heat defence styling spray.. the only way I EVER wear my hair is straight so I don’t want it to frazzle!

    I kidna wish I was a bit more adventurous with my hair but I just look so stupid with curls, or indeed anything BUT straight hair. Haha :)

    As for shampoo and conditioner, I change it every time I get through a bottle ’cause I REALLY suffer from product build up. At the moment I’m on Herbal Essences Hello Hydration.. more of a summery thing but ah well.

  2. sarah A. Dahir says

    Hair is probably the most beautiful feature that can make you look simply gorgeous. my top product these days Joico Re:Nu Age Defy Re:nual Serum, and MOROCCANOIL The Original Oil Treatment , now i cant think i can even live without these products and they are actullay hard to get hold of ,i got them as present :(. i got gery hair at the age of 26 so i dye them regularly i love L’Oreal Excellence Crรจm in dark brown(cant live without it either :P).

    and i love my new BaByliss BEliss Airstyler.its a multi tasking tool when i am in huryy and Mark Hill Define & Shine Super-Slim Styler Straightener when i know i have time to get ready and give my hair some pampering.Tigi Catwalk Your Highness Thickening Gel Creme and Big Sexy Hair What A Tease are in my fav list too.
    i love experimenting with my hair, i change color and style often so i oil them weekly MOROCCANOIL products.they are fab

  3. Phi says

    I only have two electrical hair tools at the moment: a blow dryer and hair straightener. The straightner is a VS sasson glide straightner and I don’t like it much/am too lazy to use it/don’t really like the results/If it was awesome I would probably use it. So I guess it’s not really my favourite. So I pick the blow dryer (can’t think of the name as I don’t have it with me right now [brain=fried]) I use it most days.

    My top styling product is tresemme heat tamer spray :)

  4. says

    Having my sister a qualified hairdresser i get tons of tips from her depending on my hair type, i have very thin hair so i get away with straightning my hair in just 5 mins with my andrew collinge hair straightner. As for hair products i usually use a protective heat spray before using the straightner and we usually use the TONI & GUY Iron-It Heat Defence Spray.

  5. Nina says

    I personally don’t own any hair tools, I just borrow my brother’s straightening iron whenever he comes home for the weekend. As for hair products sometimes I use a silicone based serum and that’s about it.

  6. Halifax says

    I suck at styling my hair, so I can’t say I own any electrical hair tools. For styling, I love the Heat Tamer spray from Treseme

  7. Nadine says

    I try to use professional products for my hair as I am a bit picky when it comes to my bonce. I can’t always afford my fave L’Anza products but if I want my hair to look good and healthy then I use the complete L’Anza Strait Line range (the Thermal Defense is awesome). I always blow my hair with a super duper Revlon dryer (but need a new one because the on-off switch has broken and so the only way to get it to work is to plug it in, switch on the electricity and then run to the hairdryer). Then I use straighteners – I think they are Remmington but the name wore off as they’ve seen some use over the years. I have been using Dove protecting spray for a week or two before straighening as it was on offer in Tesco and it’s quite good so I can save my L’anza stuff for best. BUT, if I win the lottery tomorrow then I shall just order a containerload of L’Anza stuff and indulge myself till Christmas!

  8. Tara says

    I really dont do much with my hair to be honest lol. I couldnt live without a pair of straighteners though! My hair may be somewhat straight already but for me its all about achieving the “sleek” look.

    I finish it off with some Tigi Girl Toys Shine serum and im good to go! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Ashley says

    I tried the hot rollers that my mom rolled out from the 1980’s…. Not working for me! I can’t curl my own hair because I end up looking like a troll doll.. My sister decided to take back the hair straightener she bought for me (a gift!).
    All I have is my blow dryer and BioSilk. I comb the BioSilk serum into my hair while it’s still sopping wet so I don’t look all greasy. It’s kept my shine in shine for the past 7 years & it’s fighting the frizz!

  10. Ally says

    I love my babyliss curler – the bigger the barrel the better! loose curls are the best :)
    and i go through aussie heat defence spray like crazy too..which probably wont help my hair anyway with the amount of times i use my straighteners!
    I use vitapointe leave in conditioner though to revive my hair when its feeling a bit dry.
    And as for shampoo and conditioner – tommy guns blueberry all the way, it smells amaazing.

  11. says

    I am a simple girl, and only heat style my hair during the cold winter months (due to my hair being very curly and in the summer there is no point in straightening when it will revert and frizz). I am really impressed with the FHI line; I love the platform flat iron and the Hot Sauce heat protectant. My all time favourite serum is my Sabino Moisture Block. I can’t be without that, ever.

    As for the best conditioner in the world? Joico’s Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm , and can’t forget good old coconut oil (just a pea sized) for sealing in moisture and shine on wet hair. :-)

  12. Tia says

    I honestly can not seem to ever get my hair to do what I want it to. Waves disappear in an hour, my hair straightener isn’t so great. I suppose my only reliable styling ‘tool’ is my ionic blow dryer. :p
    I do rely on Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum to rid me of frizz, especially in recent weather. Kenneth’s brand smoothing serum also feels yummy, but is pricier.

  13. Melissa says

    I’m still on the hunt for my HG hair straightener but the affordable Conair one is doing a decent enough job. And with John Freida’s anti-frizz serum, my hair is tame on most days!

  14. Grace says

    I am sooo rubbish with my hair- I literally dry it with my babylis hairdryer and brush it with my paddle brush!! I don’t use any products on my hair- unless you count batiste dry shampoo!

  15. diskogal says

    I have a pair of Babyliss straighteners (and my hair dryer is also from Babyliss, I guess I’m fond of them) but I can’t say I’ve found my HG electrical tool…In the summertime I didn’t use my straighteners as I always had my hair up, but now that it’s cold I can use the extra insulation…so I straighten my hair every time I wash it. So my straighteners are ok but the look does not last for more than one day. I would definitely try another brand if I could afford it.
    As for my favorite product, for a couple of years I’ve been using the Toni&Guy so-called Iron-It Heat Defense Spray. Not sure if it makes my hair heat-proof or not, but I looooove the smell and my hair looks super shiny after I use it! What else could I ask for?

  16. Caroline says

    I don’t actually use anything right now but currently using Lux conditioner which keep’s my hair soo soft. I’m too lazy to strighten or curl my hair, and I pretty much leave my hair to air dry with some Aussin Leave in conditioner. 6 months w/o hair cut, and hair is still really healthy ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. Linh says

    Back in the day when I was obsessed with straight hair, I used a Babyliss hair straightener – these days, I’m way too lazy so I just wash, let it dry naturally and tie it up.

    Because I’m not too fussed with my hair, I just use Dove shampoo and conditioner – no other styling products for me.

    Funny that you mentioned your Nan saying going to bed with wet hair gives you arthritis – my mum used to say it gave you headaches! Regardless, I often go to bed with wet hair and I’m perfectly fine!

  18. Jess says

    Top electrical tool: my brother’s hair straightener cuz I don’t have one myself

    Top styling product: my fingers….don’t own any others except an anti-frizz serum which i use very rarely

  19. Jo says

    I only have a hairdryer and a ceramic barrel comb, which is great for blow drying!

    I loveeee my bumble and bumble brilliantine, it makes my hair more lovely in some way. And John Frieda’s anti frizz serum is a must have!

  20. Claire says

    I am in love with Aussie product at the moment, they really do work! I also have a cheapie $30 straightner that is headed straight (get it? straight? hahahah i crack myself up) to the rubbish bin if I win. :)

  21. Kirsten T says

    I don’t use heat tools that much, except for hair dryer nothing fancy, though I have the straightners and curlers, they are still BNIP. For styling products, I like glossing serum by Garnier only because it comes in a small bottle (travel well) and does the job and smells good. I also use a heat protecting spray when I dry my hair from Liese. CHI silk infusion is also something I use occasionally but it smells weird so I’m not a big fan.

  22. says

    Heh, hair dryer for me. Also, been using this panasonic? nanocare steam facial thingy. Very nice and relaxing to have hot steam blown into my face in the cold weather!

    I haven’t really come across styling products that work for me yet, but I have this Fiber Wax water-based styling wax that is pretty nice and doesn’t leave my hair stiff.

  23. martan says

    I am very lazy with my hair and one day they are going to make me pay for……I use a normal/cheap dryer and a flat iron .

  24. Samantha says

    I use the Chi to straighten, but it isn’t doing the job it used to :/. I’m thinking about investing in a T3 if I don’t win this. My favorite styling product is probably Bumble and Bumble straightening serum it’s called I believe Coco de Mer. It’s pricey so I use just a TEENY bit, but I love it :)

  25. Gigi says

    I would say my pink GHD’s i dont know what i do without it now. My favourite styling product is the Tre Semme heat protection spray.

  26. says

    A Babyliss straightener (currently the second stronger and/or expensive of the brand) and Toni&Guy Heat Defense Spray to protect my hair from everyday straightening. That’s it.

  27. says

    my favourtie hair tool is my GHD hair straightner. It actually works on my hair which is fizzy and wavy. At the moment, my styling product is the Schwarzkopf Pro. Styling Heat Protection Straightening Spray.

  28. Heather T. says

    All my electrical tools are quite average. :/ I guess I would pick my mediocre hair straightener.

  29. Mable says

    Nothing fancy here, but I can’t be without my Envisage hair straightener. It’s a random brand found on ebay but I just can’t live without a straightener! As far as products go, I’d probably say Gatsby hair putty (the orange coloured one). It gives that light, airy and full of volume hair that many japanese girls have!