Day 21 Christmas Giveaways: Win a set of Avon Make Up!

#alttext#To celebrate the festive month, Cosmetic Candy will be giving away a goody a day up until December the 25th! To keep things interesting, I am giving away all kinds of goodies, not just beauty!

You can enter all the giveaways and winners will be chosen in the first week of January. Use the Christmas Giveaways Tag to see all the contests.

All contests are open internationally and you can enter using the comments or via Twitter.

Good Luck & have an wonderful Christmas!


I have an Avon Supershock mascara and a Purple Quad to win! I’ll also throw in a few Avon Quick dry nail polishes.

Wanna win?

Method 1.

Answer the following question:

Knock knock knock it’s the Avon lady! Who is always nice to see at your door and who isn’t?


It’s always nice to see my mother…oh forget it. It’s lovely to see the POSTMAN and not so nice to see the guy who is forever flyering me with take away menus and not even good ones.

Method 2.

Follow me on Twitter and retweet (RT) the following message:

“RT @cosmetic_candy: Follow & RT to win a set of Avon Make Up. Info:”

*Note: if you change the tweet, it will not count as an entry.

Good Luck!

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  1. says

    Yay! I like to see the postman too, esp when he has parcels for me! I don’t like to see the kids from the street, yes they’ve kicked their ball into our garden AGAIN…!!

  2. Cindy says

    Definitely the courier guy as well! I don’t like seeing the missionaries because it’s just so hard to tell them I’m not interested in converting to their religion.

  3. Mariel says

    the kids from the neighborhood, oh I hate them, they are so noisy and smells like hell. I’d like to see my suitor at my front gate coz he is sweet! Lol

  4. Nina says

    I kind of love the Amazon people, but I never get to see them since they cram my books in the mailbox lol.
    And I hate the guy with his squeaky motorbike driving around delivering commercial info.

  5. Anu says

    Its nice to see my sister.My dog goes wild when ever he sees my sister :)
    I dont like to see anybody who sells anything in my door.

  6. Thian says

    I like to see my dad, he always has something nice waiting for me.
    I hate those kids outside the door too, they are so so so noisy…hate them !!!

  7. Galen says

    > Knock knock knock it’s the Avon lady! Who is always nice to see at your door and who isn’t?

    It’s always lovely to see our next door neighbours, cos it means that they have something nice for us, e.g. freshly caught salmon thank-you-very-much. Not so nice? Insistent door-to-door salespeople.

  8. says

    For me, it’s always nice to see my friends!
    It’s not so nice to see my neighbours, they’re só annoying! I’m sorry, neighbours!

  9. KIM says

    it’s always good to see my girlfriends when they surprise visit me…
    I hate when my boyfriends mum does the same thing… it feels like she is invading my privacy.. and does it purposefully to check up on me (even though she was just “passing by”) .. grrrrr!

  10. Dora says

    The avon lady is always good news to me or any other delivery :) not too happy to see the postman bringing a bill x

  11. alvira says

    I am always happy to see my brothers and whenever postman brings some parcel I am so delighted to see him and I don’t like it when some of my cousins who are not very nice to me visit us

  12. says

    The postman 😀 and the boyfriend lol I don’t really like to see anyone else, especially if I’m home alone, I don’t feel safe :/

  13. says

    I agree with the postman cos usualy hes bringing me a prize or ebay item lol, I dont like to see my fiances mate and kids as they usually trash my lovely house

  14. Yasmin Butt says

    Postman struggling under the weight of unexpected, huge parcel always thrills me on the odd occasion it’s happened. Someone cold calling me to try and get me to change my utility supplier….not so much. x

  15. Dana says

    it’s nice to see amazon people not nice to see mormons nothing against them its just that I don’t like preached to outside my own home :(

  16. Harpreet says

    its nice to see the postman becauase im always ordering this from ebay. And its not nice to see the guy who puts junk mail through my letterbox!

  17. Mandy says

    It’s nice to see the postman and it’s not nice to see pesky sales people trying to sell you things you don’t want to buy at all.

  18. yee says

    It’s nice to see my friends/family/postman who hand me my items

    It’s not nice to see scam people coming to ask for money D:<

  19. snow0016 says

    It’s nice to see the postman handing me over a package notice/ package itself!
    It’s not nice to see people asking for money.. having a hard time recognizing scammers and non-scammers so we do not accommodate them..

  20. Andrasescu-Scrieciu Adriana Camelia says

    Always nice to see my family,I don’t want to see people who ask for money.

  21. says

    It’s nice to see family and friends and the postman when I have a parcel x3 at the door. But it’s not nice to see people who try to sell me things or talk me into applying for their services.

  22. Holly Green says

    I like to see the postman, he’s a friendly chap who quite often has parcels for me. But I don’t like it when people with clipboards trying to sell me new windows or repair my roof are knocking on the door (I am perfectly aware my house looks like shit but I’m not going to suddenly find some money to repair it because someone knocks on my door and tells me to!)

  23. Catriona says

    It’s always nice to see my postwoman as it means I don’t have to make the epic trek to the delivery office – I’m usually out when our post comes. :(

  24. Lora says

    The postie / courier is my favourite too, especially the Irish DHL man 😉 Even the soor-faced catalogue courier has his charms when he’s carrying a parcel (except when it’s for next door). The worst is charity people, I hate being guilt tripped into things and feeling bad for shutting the door.

  25. Roisin Curran says

    I love seeing friends who randomly pop by that’s always nice, I don’t like the religious people who come to my door but that’s only because I’m too nice to just say nice so then they actually think that I’m interested and come back even more, I let my parents deal with it now.

  26. Charlotte W says

    I love to see my friends popping in for a chat or the postman with a parcel…but I hate to see any people who try to sell you something weird like a religion or a door even though you have a perfect one right in front of them. X

  27. says

    It’s always lovely to see the take-out guy especially on days when I don’t want to lift a finger in the kitchen. (Dinner Driver of Illinois I miss you so!) The package delivery man is another good one cause he brings shiny presents!

    The worst is Bible thumpers. If I tell them I’m Pagan they want to convert me. If I tell them I go to a Christian church they want me to go to their Christian church. I’ve found telling them I’m Catholic gets them to hurry off much quicker. For some reason they feel I can’t be saved. LOL

  28. Ava says

    The pizza delivery person is always especially nice to meet!
    But I don’t like to see those religious people trying to “save my soul” at all. My soul is happy enough in my sea of makeup!!

  29. says

    Happy to see : the postman or any friend :)
    Not happy to see : thank God we don’t get those religious people that try to “save my soul”, but I wouldn’t be happy to see them anyway!


  30. Tracey says

    Oy vey…so many to choose from. I like seeing the UPS man. He always has something nice to bring me.

    I hate seeing the landlord showing up. He usually has really bad news for me like my rent is going up. :(

  31. michelle says

    delivery men HAHA :) i.e. dominos *NOM* and whenever i recieve parcels from online shopping or sent items *YAY* 😀

  32. fleur says

    Anyone from my family is always a plus.

    Boy scout kids are usually cute, but disinterested ones are not…

  33. Phoebe says

    I HATE seeing door to door salespeople! They scare me a little :s I LOVE seeing the postman too, especially with a big pile of christmas cards or a package for me! xxxxxxx

  34. says

    It’s always nice to see a good friend, like my friend Patty, at the door. She always has an encouraging spirit and a hug if I’m feeling down :) xx

    Tweeted! 😀

  35. Jen says

    I’d have to say I also love seeing the postie bring a nice juicy package my way!

    I hate the double-glazing sales people who come round…and they ask you “Have you thought about getting double-glazing” when actually all they need to do is look to realise that your windows are already double-glazed lol

  36. says

    I love to see the postman… unless he is delivering bills.

    I hate to see the school kids selling candy. Every time they come to my door I know I’m gonna be out 10 bucks and my ass is gonna grow a size. Damn those kids and their irresistible chocolate bars!

  37. Nadine says

    It’s always good to see my hubby and it’s not so good to see the woman who always rings OUR doorbell in the wee hours of the morning so she can go upstairs to visit the neighbor. Why doesn’t she simply ring HIS doorbell instead of OURS? I don’t understand.