Day 19 Christmas Giveaway: A Set of NYC Make Up To Win!

#alttext#To celebrate the festive month, Cosmetic Candy will be giving away a goody a day up until December the 25th! To keep things interesting, I am giving away all kinds of goodies, not just beauty!

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Today you can win a set of 4 NYC eyeshadows and a black eyeliner!

Wanna win?

Method 1.

Answer the following question:

NYC is one of my dream destinations – I’ve never been!

Tell me what your 3 dream destinations are and why!


1. NYC – I must have a New York Hot Dog
2. Korea – Seoul so I can go shopping
3. Japan – Tokyo so I can go..errr….sightseeing

Method 2.

Follow me on Twitter and retweet (RT) the following message:

“RT @cosmetic_candy: Follow & RT to win a set of NYC Make Up. Info:”

*Note: if you change the tweet, it will not count as an entry.

Good Luck!

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  1. Yvonne Brownsea says

    1. Egypt – I would love to see the Great Pyramids
    2. Paris – I would love to visit the Eiffel Tower
    3. Brazil – their culture fascinates me

  2. victoria says


    1. Las Vegas – Would love to go,see the lights,the amazing hotels and hopefully win alot of £££!
    2. New Zealand- The country has cold parts and warm parts! Also love thrill seeking and it’s one of the best places to sky dive and bungee :)
    3. Australia- One of my favourite bands comes from there, for the beach parties,BBQ’s and fun times!

  3. says

    i retweeted as MsDriftedSW but I thought I might as well also comment, even if it doesnt count as extra entry :)

    1. Vancouver – I’ve heard so many lovely things about this place and having most movies & tv shows filmed there doesn’t hurt either :)
    2. Paris – it’s just such a rich city in terms of history. I normally don’t do touristy things but in Paris you cant get around it because it’s everywhere. Beautiful.
    3. Kerala, India – it’s just like the famous Goa with the beautiful beaches and mindblowing sunsets; just less touristy and more pure and Indian.

  4. Yasmin Butt says

    1. Finland – Hope to go next July if I have the cash to go there and visit my best friend. I’d love to travel with her to see the Northern Lights. She’s disappointed I’ve never made it over and I would love to surprise her.

    2. The Solomon Islands – Ever since I saw The Thin Red Line I’ve been besotted with the idea of seeing the place

    3. Thailand – I’ve been a couple of times but I’ve never been to the North and I’d love to go back to Koh Samui and enjoy the amazing food again and have another detox. I had one in 2003, a 7 day fast and it was one of the most unusual things I’ve ever experienced!

  5. Anna says

    1. United Kingdom – I always go there when I have the time, I just love it
    2. Japan- Because of their culture
    3. Hawaii – because of the beautiful environment and the beaches

  6. Thian says

    Taiwan – Heaven of shopping + food
    Hong Kong – That’s the place to shop for lots of branded products
    Bali, Indonesia – Just for relax

  7. Ines says

    1. Scotland- I have a feeling that I would fall in love with the country.
    2. New Zealand- great spirit of the country
    3. USA- so much to see, so much to do!

  8. alvira says

    Paris: I want to see eiffle tower and river seine+ do some shopping
    China:I love their cuisine and crafts and I really want to see their culture +I would loooove to do shopping there.
    Turkey: I don’t know why but I really want to see it

  9. Nina says

    1.Cuba. (everywhere) I’ve been there and toured the island, and it was awesome, friendly people, lovely weather even though it’s very hot
    2. London. I’m Belgian, but last year in February I went to London and I swear it’s my favourite city ever. Seriously, I want to go live there after I graduate from university.
    3. I must honestly say I want to go to Kenya, on safari, to Russia, to see Moskow, to Egypt to see the piramids, etc. My dream is a journey around the world!
    But I think I’ll go for a nearby city, Brussels, because it’s our capital and I’ll be moving there this summer ^^

  10. Ilse says

    1. Norway – To see the beautiful nature
    2. Tokyo – To experience the culture and do some beauty shopping!
    3. United Kingdom – I temporarily live here at the moment, but I can’t wait to settle here forever!

  11. Caroline Duong says

    1. Japan – food, shopping and culture ! Learning the language so it’ll be good to practice too
    2.Taiwan – deffo for the food and shopping
    3. NYC – ha I must agree with you there, I want to try the hot dog haha

  12. Dora says

    Sweden – cos it looks so great despite the cold
    Finland – I want to see the Northern Lights
    Ireland – seems so cool and mystical xx

  13. Holly Green says

    1. Costa Rica – I’ve always wanted to go to the Costa Rican rainforest
    2. Finland – My other half is half Finnish and has never been, we’d love to go husky sledding and see the Northern Lights
    3. NYC – All my favourite tv shows are set there, I’d just like to visit the city that never sleeps

  14. Denise S says

    1 Canada to visit Toronto CN Tower amazing sights I’m told
    2 Eygpt to visit the pyramids and scuba dive in the Red Sea
    3 Maldives for pure escapism .Wanted to go for honeymoon but by the time hubby asked me to marry him we had already 2 young kids!! that didn’t work

  15. Sarah Bokhari says

    Iran – for some spiritual cleansing
    Nashville – Home – Fiance lives here
    London- sister lives here so yup thats all

  16. yee says

    1. Japan- who wouldn’t want to go to this country?! The culture is rich and there are many crazy fashionista and services.

    2. Paris- I would like to visit the Lourve. It is the city of fashion so it’s good for sight-seeing but I doubt I would buy any clothes there because they are expensive.

    3. Taiwan- Taiwan clothes are nice and cheap according to my friends. The people there are beautiful as well. The food is good too!

  17. says

    1. tokyo, japan – makeup & skincare & all cute things shopping!
    2. paris, france – for the best pasta, food food food!
    3. austin, texas, usa – my amazing sister lives there

    merry xmas!
    xoxo elle

  18. Kitty says

    1. Japan: To also go….sightseeing (and not shopping at all…)
    2. Rome: For proper sightseeing and experiance the culture and the food!
    3. South California: To go american shopping and experiance the culture there too!

  19. marcstephfreya says

    I have RT – twitter id @marcstephfreya

    1. USA – a home away from home, you cant get lost, so much to see and so much to wat!
    2. Australia – beautiful landscapes – iti s massive so you can get lost and have an adventure and of course the ROO’S
    3. Japan – i LOVE anime and i LOVE the japanese language, so many romantic comedies (tv prog) have come from Japan, i love watching them in subs – they are so cute!

  20. Melissa says

    1. NYC – to visit friends & go clubbing.
    2. England – i always wanted to go. it would be a great experience.
    3. Japan – to shop, i love there fashion.

    that was fun. :) love the make-up. thanks!

  21. KIM says

    Japan – an unexplainable attraction to the country/people/food and plus my name is Japanese origin
    New Zealand – see the gorgeous landscape… raw beauty
    India – experience budget holidays whilst living alongside the native people.. also get a taste of bollywood!!!

  22. Charlotte W says

    1. Malaysia-the shopping and sunbathing.
    2. Hawaii- the perfect destination to relax
    3. New York- SHOPPING.

    Love the website….:D

  23. says

    1) New York ….Always wanted to go so glam and oh the shopping
    2) The maldives ….my idea of paradise
    3)Lapland….Ive heard its magical xxx

  24. KittyPG says

    1) England – I might already live here, but I love exploring all of the history.
    2) Spain – I have heard so much about it from my Fiancé that to have him take me and show me it through his eyes would be a treat!
    3) Russia – I would like to visit the Winter Palace Museum and St Basil’s. Just to see all that grand architecture with my own eyes would be a great thing for me.

  25. Vicky says

    Iceland – To see the landscape and ride horses.
    Mongolia – Same thing!
    Tokyo – to see the city, go shopping go visiting! the whole thing!

  26. Pamela says

    1) Paris – my favourite city.
    2) Basel – I used to live there and adore it.
    3) Iceland – never been but it’s top of my list for my next holiday.

  27. LucyB says

    1. Dublin – everyone I’ve ever met from Dublin is really fun, I’d love to go drinking in Temple Bar with them!
    2. Buenos Aires – friends who have lived here have recommended it so strongly that I really HAVE to see it :)
    3. Vaduz – Several years ago, on a whim, I did my A level German oral exam on the country of Liechtenstein. A lot of people here don’t know where it is, but I’ve wanted to visit ever since!

  28. Peek@Boo says

    1. Nica – beautiful citty, great place for shopping & fun. wanna go there again:)))

    2. New York – never been there, but i’ll go as soon as possilble.

    3. sydney – why not? seems like a fun town, + i love kangarooes:)

  29. Rebecca Ho says

    1. New York! SHOPPING they have so many great things you can’t find in the UK! >.<
    2. Tokyo! I've been before but I didn't get the chance to go to shibuya!!!
    3. Dubai. I've heard its awesomeeeee

  30. layla says

    1. New Zealand – I grew up there and consider it to be my second home :)
    2. Hawaii – such a beautiful place, who wouldn’t have this on their dream list? Perfect for some R&R
    3. Italy – have never been here and would love to go for the culture, food and people

  31. Andrasescu-Scrieciu Adriana Camelia says

    Thailanda-I always dream about it
    Bora Bora-spent a quality time with my husband
    New York-shopping

  32. tousledkitten says

    Longleat to see all the animals.
    London – to go to the zoos.
    Hmm, sensing a theme here!

    America to go shopping. :-)

  33. Irene says

    new york – who wouldn’t want to go there? and for the shopping, of course
    rio de janeiro – I’ve always dreamed to go there
    colombia – a really good friend of mine is from colombia and I always hear him talking about it and would really like to see it with my eyes

  34. says

    1) the dream city! New York!
    2)Paris-J’adore France and Paris!
    3)Fiji islands, or maybe Ibiza! Some of the best beaches in the world!

  35. Victoria says

    1: London- to see Big Ben!
    2: New York – to shop, shop and…shop! 😛
    3: Paris – because it’s the city of love!

  36. Malfire says

    T_T I have always wanted to go but I met my soulmate who’s a lot older than me early in life, which turned out the hardest and poorest time in my life XD. So even though I luv Japan so much I was never able to go. And if I could go I’d love to visit the Tenshi no Sato doll shop, buy Kanzashi in Kyoto, take pics of Maiko’s, try all kinds of daifuku, visit a jazz cafe, try ramen and udon and more off course.
    US/Las Vegas:
    I really like shiny money machines XD!
    For the food and people ^^.

  37. says

    France – My great grandmother was french. I have always wanted to visit & hopefully find out more about that side of my family.

    Hawaii – I don’t just want to visit… I want to live there! I despise cold weather and dream of the day when I can move to a warm & tropical climate. *sigh*

    London in the 1960’s – The clothing, art & music! I realize it is an impossible dream, but maybe one day someone will build a time machine. 😀

  38. Jytan says

    1. Australia(Melbourne) – Love the weather there…there have 4 seasons in a day!!
    2. Japan – Love ramen….
    3. France(Paris) – sightseeing….

  39. says

    1. Japan, I love the temple and cherry blossom there and of course shopping in japan for all the amazing makeup and food.
    2. England, other than temples I would also love to see the many castles in England. I guess I have a thing for old historical buildings. LOL
    3. Canada, I have some friends that live over there and it would be awesome to visit :)

  40. cassidy says

    not sure about the order, but here’s three :)
    1. Hong Kong, I would LOVE to go shopping there.
    2. Canada, just to sightsee. It gives me a strangely nice feeling thinking about Canada.
    3. Road trip across the country, especially traveling through rural areas and dirt roads. It’d be such a nice and freeing experience.

  41. snow0016 says

    1. Seoul – am a Korean artists’ fan!
    2. Macau – sightseeing! just want to visit the site that I saw in a movie! lol
    3. Paris – take a fashion class, maybe?

  42. Shari says

    Italy – love the food, love the history, never been
    Alaska – I love the outdoors, and there’s just so much to see in that beautiful state.
    Australia – Same as the other two – I haven’t been there yet, I have friends there, and there are so many places I would love to visit.