Day 19 Christmas Giveaway: A Set of NYC Make Up To Win!

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Today you can win a set of 4 NYC eyeshadows and a black eyeliner!

Wanna win?

Method 1.

Answer the following question:

NYC is one of my dream destinations – I’ve never been!

Tell me what your 3 dream destinations are and why!


1. NYC – I must have a New York Hot Dog
2. Korea – Seoul so I can go shopping
3. Japan – Tokyo so I can go..errr….sightseeing

Method 2.

Follow me on Twitter and retweet (RT) the following message:

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Good Luck!

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  1. says

    Venice! – Dad said it’s a beautiful place. I would love to see it before it becomes completely flooded!!!
    Rome – For the old old buildings and all the history they hold
    New Zealand – Vast open greens with cows and sheep and whatever. Clear cool breeze blowing in your face.. A great escape from city life, no?

  2. says 3 destinations…

    I’d also have to say NYC, just to be able to show off the pictures
    Paris – still haven’t been there yet
    Japan – My mom’s Japanese and I would love to see that side of my heritage

  3. Mandy says

    Paris: It’s such a dreamy place and I get to practise my halfbaked rusted French.

    Korea: After all the dramas I’ve watched, I really wanna see the scenery in person. Not to mention the yummy food and the wide range of affordable cosmetics.

    Taiwan: The food and shopping!

  4. Jen says

    There’s so many it’s hard to narrow it down to 3!
    It would have to be:
    1. Japan: I have been to Tokyo, and I absolutely LOVED it, so would really relish to opportunity to travel around Japan and soak in the heritage and culture…plus of course the food and shopping!
    2. Korea: I think with the amount of K-dramas I’ve watched, it wouldn’t be right not to include Korea.
    3. Australia: Just because I have loads of family over there, so I’d be able to meet up with all the family and also see the sights, do a bit of surfing…

  5. celine says

    NYC – would love to go to time square!
    Hawaii – the big waves, white beaches, hot guys!
    China – the food, people, stores

  6. Jingni says

    Korea- Their make up there is soooo cheap! And cute! Etude House! Peripera! Tony Moly! VOV! And more!
    Japan- Their famous baby scallops! And the Hokkaido cookies!
    Thailand- I’vealways been a big fan of Tom Yam Goong, and I want to try their Authentic Tom Yam Goong!

  7. byebyehoneypie says

    1) California – I’ve already been around NY and I loved it, so my next US destination has to be on the west coast
    2) Japan – fascinating and exciting culture and country
    3) Polinesia – just a dream <3

  8. says

    NYC – I’ve seen sights of this city in so many movies and I’m dying to visit it
    Thailand – such an exotic place
    Spain – I recently started learning the language and some things about the spanish culture, so I’d love to see everything in person! :)


  9. Phoebe says

    1: Japan- I’ve always wanted to go there- it sounds soooo amazing!
    2: Carabean- white sands, blue skies…. mmmmmmm
    3: And to counteract that warm weather- Finland!- It’s so quirky there, and the snowy landscapes are amazing!
    Thankyou! xxxxxxxxx

  10. Cybelle Oliveira says

    Finland – the end of the world
    Thailand – train muay thai
    Japan – i love japonese guys!

  11. Cindy says

    1. Greece – Sooooo beautiful. Maybe I can score myself a hot Greek man like that girl did on The Sisters of the Traveling Pants.

    2. NYC – It has to be in the wintertime. I must go up the Empire State building; walk over the Brooklyn bridge; ice skate at Rockefeller Center and celebrate New Years at Times Square.

    3. Bora Bora. Preferably for my honeymoon, and after I lose weight HAHA.

  12. Mariel says

    1. North Pole – encounter with Santa and the peguins. Also the great polar bears.
    2. China – stroll on the Great Wall of China.
    3. Australia – sleep in a wide green pastures with cows. I want to try their best dairy product.

  13. Grace says

    Maldives: Beautiful views, beaches
    LA: To live the “hills” lifestyle
    Tokyo: Shopping and food!

  14. Ava says

    China: I’m chinese but was born here and have never been back! Must visit family!
    France: I love the atmosphere and it is so exotic!
    Hawaii: Have never been there! It sounds so great.

  15. niveska says

    portugal – i’ve been and it’s so beautifull i wanna go again
    spain – what can i say, i love warm places and loud people
    ireland and scotland – for natural beauties and variety of beer :)

  16. Debbie Curwen says

    1. New Zealand – I have family there so it would be lovely to see the place they made their home rather than just photos
    2. NYC – everything seems bigger and better there
    3. Belgium – I was there when I was 12 but didn’t appreciate it as much as I could now

  17. Michelle ?? says

    Tell me what your 3 dream destinations are and why!

    Tokyo – love the fast pace and lights. love the variety.
    Hong Kong – never been there since forever, wanna go shopping!
    Seoul – love korean makeup, need to stock up.

  18. Janine says

    1. USA – to experience the American way of living. 😀
    2. South Korea – esp. Seoul! To see my fave Korean stars!
    3. Hong Kong – to do some cheap shopping! :)

  19. Nandita says

    Egypt – have always been fascinated by the country
    Austria – ever since i watched sound of music as a child!
    Bali – for the beaches.

  20. says

    Pink City in Jaipur, India – Everything there is colored pink! A must watch for me!
    Vanice, Italy – Its the city of Romance and I am a die hard romantic person!
    Switzerland – its such a beautiful place and I want to buy a lot of swiss chocolates from there! ha ha!

  21. Rainie says

    1. Maldives: just because it is gorgeous
    2. New York, obvious reasons :)
    3. Somewhere where I can snowboard…with real snow!

  22. Nancy says

    1. Nairobi, Kenya – lived their when I was very young and unfortunately can’t remember it. Would love to go back and see what it was like.
    2. Costa Rica – Friendly people, tropical rainforests, great beaches, what more can you ask for?
    3. Mar del Plata, Argentina – City + Beaches = my love
    Great giveaway, thanks for the chance to win!

  23. Angie says

    1. New York – to shop till I drop!
    2. France – For the top food and wine
    3. London – I love London because it has everything, fantastic restaurants, top hotels and lots of shops, heaven!

  24. Subdereality says

    Dream destinations:

    (1) NYC — Shopping! Shopping! Shopping! Yeah. there’s a M.A.C. SUPERstore in NYC.
    (2) Hawaii — What can beat sun, sand, sea and a sexy man next to me in his swimwear?
    (3) Swiss Alps — After seeing so much snow in UK these days, I might have to reconsider this one. 😉 Still, I would like to ski.

  25. says

    1. ireland, though i’ve been there already. i love galway and the people are so so nice!
    2. US, southern areas, love the accent ^_^ but i’d love to visit wherever since i’ve never been there at all!
    3. hawaii, because i’m lost without LOST

    @isabel: i live in venice and due to the floods last night i’m still mopping the floor. bummer :(

  26. Lass says

    That’s sad to hear! I always wanted to go to Venice too!!
    Also NYC, and …and, ummm, France too!!!

  27. Tish says

    Europe — I love the architecture and the history that European countries offer. And I have to say that I gotta go shopping in the UK and some other countries that have awesome makeup that I cannot find elsewhere!
    Asian countries other than the Philippines (lol! Coz I’m from there) — Coz I love the cultural diversity that is in Asia.
    South America — Gotta check out the beauty that Latin American countries boast of.

  28. Rabie says

    Seoul, Korea – so I can go for a shop and meet KPOP’s star. I would love to try their foods.
    Tokyo, Japan – I really wanna go there because I love anime and the city was awesome. I want to eat sushi too.
    New York – its the soul of shopping mania. LOL