Day 2: Paul & Joe Primers

Ok, it’s not really Day 2 *cough cough*, but I’ve been sooo busy. Don’t you have any sympathy.

The next primer on my list to review is Paul & Joe. This is the newest version they have and I bought this with the creamy compact foundation.


This primer combats dryness, flakies and evens out the skin tone. It comes in 3 shades, and has SPF 12 (apart from shade 03 which is a whitish one no idea why).

I got shade 02.


Paul & Joe like a lot of Japanese beauty companies make gorgeous base products, although their shades don’t tend to cater for darker ladies. I am only a NC35 but I find myself getting the darkest shades they do because I hate looking pasty.

This primer is quite nice.


It’s very liquid but a creamy texture at the same time, like single cream. It isn’t opaque but it does quite a nice job of evening out the skintone and more importantly, keeping you soft and moisturized if you have dry skin. I like my skin to feel hydrated all day so this works for me, especially in winter.


* Pretty Packaging
* Evens Out Skintone
* Smells nice, feels nice on skin
* Moisturizing


* Not for oily skin, it will make you greasy
* Not so good for the summer
* Only 3 shades
* Very liquid – doesn’t cover pores or major flaws

I can’t remember how much I paid for it, I think it was around £18. I got it with the big Paul & Joe Haul I did. It’s a nice primer, it really is but…I don’t find myself reaching for it on a daily basis at all. I prefer it to the RMK primer, but not to others…which ones? Well you’ll have to come back this week to find out!

Rating: 3/5

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  1. sue says

    Nice! I really want to try their base make up but I have to go through 5 tubes of bb creams & 2 bottles of liquid foundations first…

    • Row says

      Hey Sue

      Tell me about it! I need to stop buying base products because I have so much and it will be the first stuff to go off, I bet.