Day 2 Giveaway: No.7 Hand and Footcare Set

** I will be giving away one Christmas Goody a day until Christmas Eve! Check back everyday to enter. All winners will be chosen and announced by 01st January 2010!!!**

The Boots No. 7 Hand & Footcare set contains everything you need to get good looking hands and feet for Christmas!

No7 Hand and Foot Collection - Boots.jpg

No7 Hand & Foot Collection Includes:

* 4 No7 Stay Perfect TM Nail Colours, 4ml – Pearly Pink, Damson Dream, Milan, Salsa.
* No7 Revitalising Hand Saviour 75ml.
* No7 Softening Foot Balm 75ml.
* 2 Toe Separators.
* 4-Way Nail Buffer.
* Foot Buffer.

no 7 hand and foot.jpg

How to enter…

Either leave a comment telling me – Nice hands or nice feet – which would you rather have and why?


Hands! My feet rarely see the light of day!


Follow me on Twitter and retweet (RT) the following message:

RT @cosmetic_candy: RT to Win a Boots No. 7 Hand & Footcare Set.

You may enter twice by using both methods too.

Good Luck!

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  1. Feet.. because mine arent at the moment, and could really do with this set!! Although i want nice hands too.


  2. Ooh first to comment, now there’s summat new :) Great prize, thanks!

    I’d like nice hands as everyone sees them day in day out whereas manky feet can be easily hidden away in your socks and shoes!

    Not that I am suggesting that I have manky of course LOL

  3. Nice hand of course! Imagine showing your 10 karat wedding ring on a dried wizard-like hands?!?! Pink nails on dry hand looks like Old Barbie. Black nails on dry hand looks like Old Punk. Red nails on dry hand looks like 50 years old auntie trying to act young. Forget all those blue, green, yellow, orange, purple nails. Too scary to think about that.

  4. I’m new here~found your site from Janice’s tweet!

    I’ll say hands too! The first thing when we meet new people is shake hand and nobody wan to hold a dry, rough hand! For foot, we can still cover it with shoes (but have to say goodbye to pretty sandals d..)
    If I can choose, of cause I wish I have both nice hands and foots!!!

  5. Nice hands! they are the first to get noticed :)

  6. Sarah A.Dahir says:

    without thinking twice..hands.. thank you , for asking why?? i m a die heart old romantic movies fan and it always fascinated me when guy kissed girls hand on a romantic date and walk on a beach holding hands , learning samba /salsa together putting hands on each other,putting a BIG diamond ring on girl’s fingers(which are attached to hand..DUH!!!), gossiping with girlfriends while getting a french manicure ,or wen girl is walking down the aisle, holding a beautiful wedding bouquet in hands,and holding hands when they take wedding vows ….. and so list goes onnn
    ,moral of story , if i wanna have my romantic love story ,i gotta have beautiful ,soft hands , as they say” never let him slip from hands” 😉
    .. so its hands for me..Yup pretty much hands.

  7. Although I am fortunate to have both nice hands and feet I’d rather have nice hands because feet can be easily covered up! But living in a tropical country like I do, it will be pretty hard not to wear flipflops and sandals if I had mangly feet!

  8. Right now hands, I need a manicure right away. My feet are covered up right now.

  9. Nice feet! It always feels so good after I have received a pedicure. My feet feel like butter.

  10. Will for me both
    i have apsoriassis and its really shwn hardly in my hand

  11. Nice hands of course! because my hands are in contact with a lot of things while your feet can be easily covered up with shoes!

  12. Definitely hands…they’re the first to get noticed.

  13. Hands, as they are more visible to people than feet, and we also use them a lot.

  14. Hands; easier to hide the feet.

  15. I have to say nice hands… my feet are already SO ugly.

  16. Feet, because my hands are nice enough. Merry Christmas! :)

  17. Hands! Its the first thing you look at if you have hand issues like me!

    Never date a man with ugly hands- fact.

  18. Nicky Russell says:

    Nice Hands cos they are an indication of your age – If my hands look good, they might not notice my face :) BUT feet are important as well, especially in the summer.

  19. Kelly Manton says:

    Hands! I’ve finally stopped biting my nails and need all the nail varnish I can get with the mistakes I keep making while trying to paint them! Hehe

  20. Heather Bellamy says:

    Feet for me as I’m afraid I’ve bitten my finger nails since I was little so I have to keep my nails really short and don’t draw attention to them. I love painting my toenails though :).

  21. Julie Kenny says:

    Hands for me. My feet are horrible – I always paint my toenails though cause otherwise they resemble potatoes!

  22. If I have to choose one, it has to be hands since they are far more often seen.

  23. Rebecca Ball says:

    Wow this set looks great I would lvoe one

  24. Nice hands please as they need some looking after due to ill health making them look so awful that i am wearing gloves to hide them as i am so embarrased.

  25. Jane Willis says:

    Nice feet! I’ve always looked after my hands so they are never too, too bad, but until last year I neglected my feet terribly and they looked horrible. But they’ve improved immensely since I started to give them some TLC and now they sometimes look quite pretty – well, as pretty as size 8s ever will.

    I’ve Tweeted as well – I an @compergrapvine on Twitter

  26. nice feet, i have ok hands and dont really wear nail polish on them…but feet..when i’m barefoot at home and they are done up…how nice it looks, it makes me feel girly and taken care of.

  27. Nice hands. They’re the first thing to get noticed while feet can be easily covered up.

  28. I’d rather have nice hands as you can hide your feet! If you had horrible hands you’d have to wear gloves all the time!

  29. Carolyn Montgomery says:

    I love nice hands and would love nice feet!

  30. In the winter I’d rather have nice hands since my feet aren’t on view – not that my hands are nice at the minute what with all the Christmas preparations and the cold weather! In the summer I like my feet to look nice – but I’ve got months to work on them!

    I’ve retweeted – I’m @beachrambler

  31. Def my feet. Swollen, sore and cold after being stuck in Lake District in bad weather. Needing a much needed boost

  32. hands :) cos this cold winter is killing them :( and moreover i work as shop assistant, so there are many people lookin at my hands while i’m showing them the products i sell and stuff :)

  33. My hands especially in the winter b/c feet are hidden and my hands get dry and itchy and need to be pretty!!!

  34. i follow on twitter and tweeted-

  35. Nice hands! i can hide horrible feet 😉

  36. hands!!!!
    I hate my feet

  37. Hands fo sho. I barely see my feet…
    Actually can I choose both? No? Hm. Hands.

  38. Definately hands!! Apparently hands tell your age…they are also on show on a daily basis whereas you can hide your feet with pretty shoes!

  39. It has to be my hands!! I always wear boots or sneakers anyway so no one will ever see my feet! EVER!! Everyone sees your hands! When you pick your nose, write a cheque.. you name it!

  40. FEEEEEEEET! I think I am the only one who chose feet here…interesting. Well look here, where else could I wear neon green polish and get away with it? It’ll be our little secret, yah? 😉

  41. Feet because I teach swimming bare footed and the children are very observant and vocal if there is ever anything wrong with them, whether it is chipped nail polish or a tiny blister.

  42. nice hands =) because i have nice nails to show off =)

  43. I would prefer to have nice feet because I love to wear high heels, but I’m always a little hesitant because of the roughness of my heels. I love painting my toenails, but I always feel like my need a little more care :)

  44. Hands, as there always shown! Whereas feet, ther never see day light in the winter! Especially with this weather, and I love painting my nails and after seeing madonna’s hands, I even put sunscreen on my hands now 😀

  45. I would rather have nice feet. Because cracked heels are No joke they hurt!

  46. Hands definitely! Hands are the ones that people see most of the time (can’t be wearing gloves 24/7). And they are one of the tell-tale signs of ageing! Feet can always be covered up. Thats what I like about them.

  47. Hands because it’s pretty easy to hide your feet, hands not so much.

  48. i’d personally much rather have nice hands, after all, these are something people see on a daily basis and really need that extra special care and attention after using detergents etc and coping with housework! feet are important too, but nobody really sees them unless you wear strappy shoes!!

  49. nice hands, feet are easier to disguise and don’t get as much attention. 😀