Day 16 Christmas Giveaway: Fade Out White Anti Shadow Brightening Eye Cream & Day Cream

#alttext#To celebrate the festive month, Cosmetic Candy will be giving away a goody a day up until December the 25th! To keep things interesting, I am giving away all kinds of goodies, not just beauty!

You can enter all the giveaways and winners will be chosen in the first week of January. Use the Christmas Giveaways Tag to see all the contests.

All contests are open internationally and you can enter using the comments or via Twitter.

Good Luck & have an wonderful Christmas!

Today I have a Fade Out White Anti Shadow Brightening Eye Cream & a Fade Out Moisturising Cream for you to win!



AGEING SKIN Sun spots, age spots and ageing skin

SIDE EFFECTS Pigmentation areas caused by pregnancy and medication

even skin tone

SUN DAMAGED SKIN With freckles or uneven skin tone

Wanna win?…

Method 1.

Answer the following question:

If there was one part of yourself you would like to be brighter, what it would be?


My eyes I think, cos I am always tired so they are always red!

Method 2.

Follow me on Twitter and retweet (RT) the following message:

“RT @cosmetic_candy: Follow & RT to win a Fade Out Anti Shadow Brightening Eye Cream. Info:”

*Note: if you change the tweet, it will not count as an entry.

Good Luck!

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  1. All of the post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation on my face. I have so many dark spots that I look like a leopard!

  2. My eyes! As people say, your eyes are windows to your soul. Bright eyes represent a bright, cheerful and energetic individual! The last thing I want is for my eyes look old, tired and sad… Makes me look YEARS older too.

  3. Definitely my eyes.

  4. my skin! my skin is fair but the part on my face is dull and lifeless. wish it will look brighter!

  5. I would like my eyes to be brighter since I am juggling both work and studies, and do not have sufficient sleep most of the time.

  6. My personality

  7. My eyes. Definitely. I have one of those dreamy eyes that look so dull and lifeless. I rely heavily on coloured contacts to make my eyes look better =(

  8. Face, because i have old acne spots :(

  9. My eyes! I sleep very little, esp when I’m stressed, so my eyebags and eye circles are SUPER obvious! >.<

  10. My undereyes definitely! I want to get rid of the dark circles stat! 😀

  11. My nose. its darker than the rest of my face.


    My elbow….

  13. My knees. They are unnaturally dark for some reason…

  14. If I can brighten up something, it would be my undereyes!

  15. underneath my eyes

  16. undereyes area for sure! and maybe my eyes too

  17. My eyes for sure

  18. Undereyes, underarms, under…wear? lol

  19. My freckles!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. My scars from when a chimp at the zoo attacked me..

  21. evilshedevil says:

    my skin! my skin is fair but the part on my face is dull and lifeless. wish it will look brighter!, sildenafil citrate reviews, cheap phentermine no rx