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Those of you who enter Cosmetic Candy Giveaway will know that I usually set funny, unusual questions….and today is no exception!


So – those of you who follow me on Twitter will know that something happened to me yesterday that left me a little bit traumatised.

funny-pictures-shocked-mom-in-law-cat-window.jpg (JPEG Image, 500x375 pixels).jpg

So tell me – what was the last time you were traumatised? (Funny traumatised, please, there’s not blog psychologist available to talk about the time someone boiled your pet bunny).

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  1. says

    Very similar to yours with the unexpected visitors! 2 cousins who live over 200 miles away, & I’d not seen for over 10 years, were ‘in the area’ and just dropped in. Sunday morning, panda eyes and MAJOR hangover. Leftover stinky takeaway in the kitchen, together with a few wine bottles from having the girls around. One friend had stayed over, and she came wandering down in her underwear, so I’m sure they left thinking I was a debauched lesbian!

  2. lottiegirlx says

    last traumatised when i noticed a lady came out of the loo at the school concert with her skirt in her knickers and i failed to tell her this (bad I know but i was waiting for son to perform his violin and was nervous about that), then the next night at parents evening sitting talking to my sons new teacher… yes same lady (eek!) and not being able to concentrate on what she was saying.

  3. says

    man i think the last time i was traumatized was by you! when you tweeted that ebay link to that godawful borat underwear thingy…i think that image is seared into my brain for life. serves me right for clicking on links eh?

  4. says

    Six words: Dakota Fanning in this month’s FLARE.
    Girlfriend is fifteen. FIFTEEN! And they have her in a leopard-print mini! If seeing that isn’t bone-chillingly traumatizing, I don’t know what is :/

  5. says

    ok people.. it might be a little 18 +.. but the incident which traumatised me was when i went back home for a holiday and I was browsing the computer in my parents house for the photos that was uploaded from my camera. And what do i find????? pics of my bro and his GF in a compromising position (yukkkk). I just couldn’t look at his GF anymore..

  6. Kirsten says

    My boyfriend couldn’t find his flight booking on the airlines website just 2 days before his flight. Only to find out much (panicking) later that he was looking at the wrong airline’s website. Then at the right website, he still couldn’t locate his flight, and i was starting to think if he even bought his tickets. finally, he realised that he was looking for the booking in the wrong year; 2008 instead of 2009. At this time of the year, it is virtually impossible to book flights, imagine how freaked out I was.

  7. Ally says

    when my dad walked in on me in the bathroom. says it all really. he couldnt look at me for days .
    really need to lock doors properly .

  8. Grace says

    When the hairdresser cut off my long hair which i had been growing for years in a matter of minutes! Trauma!

  9. diskogal says

    Oh Charan, Charan. You just reminded me of a major trauma I had almost three years ago (but I can still remember quite vividly, eeek). My story is quite identical to yours, except for the fact that it involves my boyfriend and his ex!! I only saw one (quite graphic actually) picture but I’m pretty sure it will stay inscribed on my mind forever and ever (and ever ever!). I still haven’t told him about it, that big of a trauma it was. Arghh, I hate that girl!!! (but I’m definitely not the jealous type, hehe)

  10. Heather says

    I’m actually traumatized on days when I, for some reason, am really jumpy. And someone walks by me and it scares the pants off me. It’s quite traumatizing. It’s like that the whole day too.

  11. Nina says

    Okay, this is pretty gross but there was a time when everyone was talking about the 2 Girls, 1 Cup video. Everytime I google it I only see videos of the reactions of people watching it so that really piqued my curiosity. Finally I saw the actual video and I was horrified and I was never the same. I don’t want to go into details, just search it or just ask someone.

  12. Halifax says

    I have been quite into nail polishes lately, and I was traumatized when I broke a few nails handling my big suitcases when I went on vacation. No more pretty nail pics :-)

  13. says

    it actually happened about 2 years ago when me and my dad were taking my mum and sister to the airport since they were going to visit my gran in the uk..
    When we were on our way out there were these 2 teens going crazy and then there were paramedic covering a person on the floor.. i never witnessed someone dead.. it took me a while to adjust . it frightened me like crazy.

  14. roisin curran says

    probably when I got really drunk at my house party and still to this day can’t remember what happened all I know is I got very sick in various places of the house and then woke up with a guys feet in my face. what made it worse was my parents were in the house when it happened, very bad times!

  15. Caroline says

    Earlier today watching the the world biggest zit on youtube. I was weraing headphones, and boy did I hear that pop sound and watch the never ending pus coming out :x.

    Off topic: My package from your blogsale came today, many thanks I love everything :D. Merry christmas to you too!

  16. Mkim says

    The last time I was traumatized was when my rambunctious little cousin thought it was okay to “torture” my poor kitty by yanking her tail and generally terrorizing her around the house. Let’s just say he’s not invited to my house anymore…

  17. Nadine says

    Yesterday while looking at the clothes in Asda…yes Asda (hardly designer gear) and my 11 year old daughter announced that they were too all trendy for me and then skipped off to find something for my mum. So it seems she thinks I’m older than my own mother and that I’m only fit to wear “comfy mumsy” clothes. Haven’t got over the trauma yet and don’t think I will for a while!

  18. Heather T says

    I was mortified after during the summer when the top half of my bikini came off at a water park!

  19. says

    positively traumatized counts? Or exist at all? Well, I passed a three level exam with very good marks even thou I know nothing of the material! Okay, I do know some parts, but it’s so little compared to the whole! I dunno how I did it, but when I saw/heard my results I almost fainted!
    Worths an hour with a psychologist to find out what I did or did not do…

  20. says

    My LATEST traumatic experience was from yesterday. My sister started up a conversation with me in the car… just the two of us. One small car. She started with, “If you went home early, you’d catch mom & dad getting it on. I wasn’t even thinking about that! (My dad just came back home yesterday from a 2 month trip around China.) Who the heck likes to think about their parents getting it on!? -shivers-

  21. Emma says

    My gosh- I was horrified (and almost died laughing) when my cousin of about 9 yrs old came over last Christmas.

    We asked him to sing (because he loves singing, though he’s not… well, particularly good at it), and anyway he decided to sing “Boom boom Pow” by the Black Eyed Peas, which we quite happily agreed to. We helped him set up a ‘stage’ (a mini coffee table for him to stand on and perform off).

    Anyway, so things started out quite fine, until he got up to the “Boom boom POW”! bit, at which he dropped his trousers and underwear and used his… ‘snake’ as a gun. OOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMGGGGGGGG.

    We just sat there with our jaws touching the floor- ABSOLUTELY HORRIFIED. I have been scarred for life.

  22. says

    The last time I was traumatized that I can recall was when my flimsy silk skirt snagged on a church bench and ripped a huge whole at the seam right behind my backside. This was also the day I was also commado (dont judge me!).
    Of course I was aware that it had snagged a bit but I didnt know that it had torn! Thankfully a very nice older women called me as soon as I had exited from the pew for me to quickly come to her and turn around (me still oblivious to my bare backside). She gathered up the seam and I when I realized what had happened I wanted to die! To this day I don’t know how many people I mooned when I turned around to walk towards her, nor who saw before she did when I exited to the pew.

    OMG I cant believe I just told you this story.

    *crawls into hole*

  23. Jo B says

    Ok this haunts me and will forever, it causes hysterics everywhere for otheres but for me cold chills.
    My daughter and I on holiday decided to visit the ladies in a packed seaside town.
    She was about four at the time and she went then stood and waited while I went.
    Her eyes seemed to really take in me for the first ever time and she said in a very loud voice ” Mummy, when I grow up, will I have a hairy bum too!”
    As I could hear people sniggering and gasps outside, I said in a loud voice
    “Thats not my bottom!”
    I couldnt stand the thought of even complete strangers imagining me having to wax my butt as I was a freak of nature.

  24. Claire says

    Must be when I got my first bikini wax, because I’d gotten a coupon for a free brazilian, and was stupid enough to go ahead with it. You never experience pain like a strip of flesh (and hair, thankfully) being suddenly torn off. I try to avoid bikini waxes now :S

  25. Tara says

    When I woke up last week to a HUGE house spider on my pillow. I threw it across the room (without screaming- dont ask me how) and it crawled into my aerial socket. I sellotaped it up in the hope that it would stay in there…I havent slept properly since then- Im scared it (or its friend!) is going to crawl into my ear during my sleep- AHHH!

  26. says

    Hrm… i don’t know how funny it is, but my coworkers were talking about not using the sponge in the kitchen to wipe the sink down – it’s too dirty with everyone using it. And one coworker goes on to say, ah, yeah, there could be *common std name here* viruses all over the sink. At which I shrieked and whined that they didn’t have to go into such imaginary specifics 😛 I wasn’t really offended but found it a bit gross to think about it.

  27. Samantha says

    After running 10 miles with a good male friend, I realized I had bled through my shorts ENTIRELY. Mortifying because he definitely noticed :(

  28. Lola says

    I was studying at the library with my laptop and textbooks out, and some CHOICE lipglosses out on the table. When I came back from a bathroom break, my lipglosses were gone though everything else was as I left it. …wtf???? I wish they had at least left my sephora gloss :/
    Security guard said I was a fool, so now I eat in the library to spite him.

  29. XTine says

    I was singing a song I made up about cockroaches and when I turned a corner, one full grown adult was flying right into my face.

  30. Mable says

    A Shoppers Drug Mart “makeup artist” (and I use this term VERY lightly) forced me to sit down for a makeover when I was perusing the aisles looking for Annabelle kohl liners. She kept on talking about how she didn’t understand how people don’t colour match properly as she was working her “magic” on my poor face. Then she exclaimed as she was done how I look dramtically better than when I first walked into the store. I looked at the mirror and was horrified to see that my skin was ORANGE. I had orange colour skinned and fuchia blush and odd white spots (presumably her attempt at highlighting) here and there. She gave me all the products she used and told me I “couldn’t live without these”. I’ve never been back to that SDM ever since.

  31. says

    Trauma… can I not tell you? But I want the hair straightener. Argh! Alright, I’ll tell ya. Here it is. Few years ago when I was only 16, I went shopping with my bff one day and we’re totally having our great time. Both of us are wearing hot sexy mini skirts which shows a lot of our legs. Everything goes fine until I suddenly feel some warm sensation beneath me then I know “f*ck! not now? i didn’t bring any pads with me.” Yes. I was still young and my first day of period is really heavy. What’s worse, we’re shopping in a mall that we’re not very familiar with and the mall is like freaking big. We both run like some mad woman looking for washroom but it was all too late. When I’ve finally found the washroom. The body-length mirror shows that I’ve got my leg some new tattoo. Bloody red tattoo!!!! I can’t even breath that moment and all I know is that I wanted to go home.

    Last but not least, we can’t drive (still young) and we have to take a 1 hour bus to go home to our little town to have our parents to fetch us. T _ T I’ll have to hide in the washroom and ask my friend to do some undies, pads & pants shopping for me to change. Now I’ve got phobia to enter that mall ever since then.

    The end.

  32. Phi says

    The last time I was traumatized was when my brother came home from buying dinner and told me a creepy guy wearing camo gear had sat next to him and was trying to pickpocket him even though he had no money in his pocket. A bit later I went out to see a guy in camo walking towards me. So I quickly went across the road and walked away as fast as I could. (probably wasnt even the same guy but it freaked me out!)