Day 1 Giveaway & Gift Guide: Ruby & Millie Metallic Kit

** I will be giving away one Christmas Goody a day until Christmas Eve! Check back everyday to enter. All winners will be chosen and announced by 01st January 2010!!!**

This Ruby & Millie Metallics Kit is a rather nifty set in a box:

ruby mille metallic eye kit.jpg

Comes with blusher, shimmer powder, rose highlighter and two eye creams in metallic burnished gold and striking silver, and two brushes in a stylish gift box.

Its a very pretty set and if you love metallics (the metallic silver liquid is especially lovely) you need this set!

ruby millie metallic.jpg

How to enter…

Either leave a comment telling me – If you had a dream palette, what would be your three products or shades?


I’d have a palette with a concealer that I could use for redness and also as an eyeshadow base, I’d have a deep leafy green eyeshadow and a peach creme product to use as a lip and cheek product.


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You may enter twice by using both methods too.

Good Luck!

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  1. liloo says

    I have a 120 palette, and guess what, the 2 colours I ve hit the pan are the deepest purple and the deepest pink.
    My dream palette would be an eye shadows palette, with a selection of bright, vivid, matte pink and purple, maybe 5 of each. any thoughts on this, sleek? haha :)

  2. says

    My dream palette would also have a concealer that hid redness ad concelaed bags. I would also use this as a eyeshadow base. I would then want an eyeliner/shadow stick in brown, as I often line and smudge. My third product would be a 3in 1 cream blush (for cheeks lips and eyes). I thik that covers all!

    Thanks for the giveaway! I’ve RTd too :)

    Emma :)

  3. says

    Row its happening already. I think reading your comments is going to give me a stress overload. It’s time to use my invention.

  4. Heather says

    My dream palette would consist of…

    A warm peach blush.
    A loose pigment in turquoise (that had been pressed).
    A beautiful ivory shimmery shadow for highlighting.

    :) That was fun :)

  5. Emme says

    My dream paletter has the perfect concealer for my undereye circles, and really pretty blusher, and a smooth dark eyeliner. Beauty in a package!

  6. Claire says

    I need a nice eyeshadow, in a warm brown tone, a shimmery highlight, and a tinted concealer that hides every imperfction. 😀

  7. tousledkitten says

    My dream palette would have a mini lipgloss, mini mascara and pressed translucent powder. That’s what I reach for when I’m in a rush.

  8. Sarah A.Dahir says

    I do prefer makeup palettes on experimenting different kind of shades. I can play with any kind of colors that I like. I want to mix and blend and using a palettes can make my dream come true. While if I want to concentrate on my favorite color, I’ll go with Dark grey kinda stila smudge pot thing with hint of shimmer( wic i can use as a gel liner and eyeshadow) +a creme blush in turkish rose kinda shade +There’s also gotta be a cute double-sided super high quality eyeliner/smudge brush( i know its crazy but still i m designing my pallete i can go crazy.RIGHT?). i gotta have these 3 as i look like a zombie without kajal/liner and blush so these three are must have for my bag so as my perfect makeup palette

  9. Nina says

    My dream palette would have the perfect concealer, the perfect peachy blusher, the perfect bronze eyeshadow and the perfect peachy lip gloss. Can you tell I love peachy stuff? Haha

  10. says

    I actually don’t like my palettes too big; my ideal palette wouldn’t have “everything” in it.

    And my ideal palettes may already have been invented: Laura Mercier’s Chocolate and Vanilla eyeshadow palettes from holiday… 2 years ago? were pretty much perfect. And MAC’s recent Hocus Focus face palette would have been perfect if I could have swapped the Pretty Baby Beauty Powder for the Golden bronzer from the Fab-racadabra palette. :)

  11. joanne says

    a concealer, a neutral shade for an eyeshadow (taupe or soft brown, perhaps?) and a peach-y colored blush that looks good on every skintone

  12. Anna says

    My ideal palette would contains neutral colors like peach and brown. I’m more of a neutral eye fan so those colors would be great!

  13. Caroline says

    A cream eye liner which can be used as eye shadow too , a peachy lip tint which can be used a blush and a pressed powder 😀

  14. Hannah Young says

    My palette would have a concealer/base, a swirly blue grey silver eyeshadow and a dark grey gel shadow/liner.

  15. Lola says

    My dream pallette would have:

    1. salmon pink concealer for undereye circles!
    2. coral lipgloss
    3. golden eyeshadow. something more gold than brown.

  16. Vicky says

    My dream palette would consist of…(cutting it to 3 items is really hard xD)
    Black eyeliner (Gosh’s velvet one is great!)
    Black Mascara
    BB cream or tinted moisturiser

  17. Ru says

    dream palette would have: berry colored lipstick/gloss, tinted moisturiser (with SPF), and a champagne colored glimmery eye shadow/highlighter :)

  18. says

    If you had a dream palette, what would be your three products or shades?

    1. Primer (MAC)
    2. Black Eyeshadow ( MAC CARBON)
    3. Silver Eyeshadow ( MAC Silver RIng)

  19. martan says

    My ideal palette would be : peachy cream so I could use like blush and lipgloss, a purple shadow, and black eyeliner.

    twitter martaale

  20. Erica says

    Ooh, a perfect palette, mine would be NARS outsider lipstick, Fresh Sugar pink-tinted lip balm, and diorshow mascara. With those 3 I’d be about ready for anything!

  21. Jess says

    if it had the best concealer, black gel liner and the most perfect red lipstick, that work make me so so so happy

  22. says

    This is the hardest question yet. Seriously!
    I’ll try & be imaginative but realistic… I want a palette that’s versatile like the one you dream of but… The eye shadow MUST turn into an eyeliner when applied with water. I’m talking about a real eyeliner, with a hint of gloss! You know when you apply a black eyeshadow on wet as an eye liner & it’s kind of flat? A little too “natural”? I want it to be a tad dramatic, extreme even! No need for a bronzer if I have the perfect blush that adds a hint of color all around my face. Concealer must conceal redness & tiny blemishes or scars (in one shade!!).
    I don’t like palettes that come with lip glosses so.. That’s all!

  23. Jan says

    My dream palette is pretty simple:
    – A creamy textured shade with light and dark nude colours baked into it so I can use it as a base and primer or mini concealer
    – A MAC mineralised eyeshadow (the one with a mix of a few colours- so you can have dark shades & light shades all in one palette)
    – A half black and half reddish-pink pan- which can be used wet or dry- as a shade or as a liner- which i can use as a lippy or blush (red) or an eyeliner or eyeshadow if I’m desperate for a quick smoky look. (black)

  24. says

    Hmmm… dream palette… 3 products?

    1 ) Buildable sheer dark brown – for liner & brows color
    2 ) Sweet pink cream – lip & cheek
    3 ) I think I’ll pick a buildable liquid foundation – sheer foundation & concealer

    Since my lashes are of no help unless there’s this magical hold, lengthen, volumize & thicken mascara, else I’ll just leave them bare as they are. LOLOL!

  25. roisin says

    I would wanta concealer because that’s always good to have around rather than carrying foundation. some sort of mattifying powder because I have a major oily t-zone. a light cream eye shadow maybe with a bit of sparkle as I have quite small eyes so this will brighten and make them look a little bigger. and some gel eyeliner to define my eyes. and a cheek and lip tint in a nice pinky shade.

  26. says

    a concealer for under my eyes, a non-smudging silky brown or navy eyeshadow, and a dusty peach cream with shimmer for my cheeks and lips.

  27. Halifax says

    If I could have a dream palette, it would certainly have more than 3 products or shades, lol. I certainly would need undereye concealer, as it’s pretty bad around that area :-) I might use the last 2 slots for shadows, as they are my fav makeup product. A gold/bronze and a highlighter

  28. Tara says

    I would also definitely have an undereye concealer. Im so fair that when I dont get a good nights sleep-it shows! My second must have is a cheek highlighter in a yummy shade of pink. Again, thanks to my fair complexion I need a bit of colour. Finally a lipgloss in subtle shade of pink- Perfect!

  29. says

    This is a hard one! I guess my dream palette would have a peachy pink gel that I could use as a blush and lip color, a shimmery pale green for a highlight and a dark purple for a liner and shadow!

  30. Grace says

    I would have the 3 main staples in my makeup collection, which I never tire of:
    1. Lipgloss- Nars; turkish delight
    2. Blush- Nars; deep throat
    3. Concealor- Amazing Cosmetics; Meium beige

  31. says

    My dream palette :

    1. An under-eye concealer
    2. A light-coloured eyeshadow
    3. Benefit Benetint rose-tinted cheek and lip stain from Sephora

  32. Phi says

    Mine would have an undereye concealer, black eyeshadow for an easy eyeliner and a pinky, slightly shimmery lipcolour that could be used as blusher/hilighter if needed.

  33. says

    I’ll go for a palette that has Eye primer, face primer and lip primer all in one palette 😀 I don’t know how but they can make the face primer be in a cream texture 😀