Day 1: Cleopatra Nose Clip

Most of you seemed to know what this is:


Yeah it’s a nose clip!

A lot of Asian women have the slightly stubby noses – I know I do. This nose clip is supposed to help reshape the nose, making it sit higher, and less stubby. Can it really work that well? Well of course it can’t let’s get real, but the cartillige in the nose is quite soft and can be reshaped somewhat. But this is only if you are willing to keep up the clip wearing. And let me tell you, I tried it for 5 minutes and it was seriously affecting my breathing and it does hurt a bit. Don’t bother trying it if you have a snotty nose, it will make it congeal…probably. Hey don’t look at me, do you think I’d do that?!


Modelled by megan:


The only thing that can really sort out the nostrils and nose is good old cosmetic surgery of course. With an Asian nose you really need to find a doctor that knows what he’s doing since the needs of a stubby, soft Asian conk is not the same as a bony western one.

Hey – I watch Dr 90210, I know the score.

Basically – this thing does work a bit, the nose looks a bit more..shaped? Oh and you get two deep grooves on the side of your nose. The more you wear it, the more effective it is, but remember these effects can only be TEMPORARY. Oh, what am I saying. It’s silly, it just a silly invention. I say just love your big conk whether its a conk that sticks out width wise of pointy wise. I bet you can smell things better than your small nose counterparts – yeah!

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  1. says

    *Sigh* Rowena, if I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times: if you’re going to use one of these devices on a civilian, make sure you destroy ALL evidence! Pictures like these are used as recruiting tools by extremists groups!

    Seriously, that looks painful.

    The Engrish descriptions are hilarious, though.

    Is there a device that will give a nose a higher bridge? My mother (who has an attractive nose with a low bridge) always told me she wanted a nose with a high bridge, like mine. Why anyone would want to look like Severus Snape is beyond me, but there you have it: backwards Asian values.

  2. EchelonXx says

    Well, that’s odd.
    Why would an asian want a Western nose?
    I personally think that low-bridged asian noses are absolutely beautiful!!!
    I have a nasty Egyptian nose with a bridge the height a mountain. My sister had the same nose until she broke hers and the bone was completely shattered. Now she has a cute asian nose and I would KILL to look like her. Actually, i’ve tried breaking my own nose a few times before, but I just an’t go through with it.

    • Row says

      Hi Echelon

      I guess at the end of the day people want what they don’t have. Girls with curly hair want straight hair, people with straight hair want curly hair…..but thanks I’m glad you think the asian note is cute!

  3. Sandy says

    Ouch! I would never use it on my kids.
    I have used NoseSecret, it was a little unconfortable at the beginning but once I get use to it, was all good. I like the instant results.

  4. jessica heaney says

    hiii :) i really want to use this email me back asap because i wanna know if this device will work on my bridge thank you!

  5. says

    i think Cleopatra being the most beautiful women of her time had perfect shape of nose! If cosmetic surgery is present on her time, she would have eyelid surgery to make her eyes slightly bigger . LOOL