Day 1 Christmas Giveaways: ELF 32 Eyeshadow Palette!

#alttext#To celebrate the festive month, Cosmetic Candy will be giving away a goody a day up until December the 25th! To keep things interesting, I am giving away all kinds of goodies, not just beauty!

You can enter all the giveaways and winners will be chosen in the first week of January. Use the Christmas Giveaways Tag to see all the contests.

All contests are open internationally and you can enter using the comments or via Twitter.

Good Luck & have an wonderful Christmas!


Get 32 shades in one handy palette! I have one of these to keep and it’s a really useful palette, a nice alternative to the 88 colour palettes.

Want to win this nifty ELF Palette?
Method 1.

Answer the following question:

Make up a new colour for me and tell me what the colour is good for.


Grellow which is a mixture of green and yellow. It’s the colour of Christmas cold bogeys and it would make a wicked eyeshadow.

Method 2.

Follow me on Twitter and retweet (RT) the following message:

RT @cosmetic_candy: Follow & RT to Win a ELF Christmas Palette. For Info:

*Note: if you change the tweet, it will not count as an entry.

See the ELF Christmas Palettes here.

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  1. Burgreendy :)
    A mixture of deep red and forest green – I’d use it for an exciting christmas makeup, as a shimmery eyeshadow :)

  2. Crumblies would be my color. It’d be a lovely shade of gingerbread brown with a deep red sparkle laced through it. Like a holiday gingerbread man with lovely red icing dots, crumblies is what happens when you break his legs off and bits are left on the napkin. 😀

  3. Isabelle Smith says:

    groovy gold :)
    really bold gold colour.. good for christmas and nights on the town with big eyelashes

  4. my colour would be Blurple.
    which sounds a little bit like burple if you miss the “l”, so it’s fun. and gross.
    i’d like it to be a mid-tone to dark blue with purple undertones, or viceversa, and kind of a gold or red sheen to it…does it make sense? i think it would be cool 😛
    i don’t know if it exists already, but if it does i need to know where to find it!
    btw this “name game” makes me think of the blomfy episode on modern family 😀

  5. Grolden. Mix of Green and golden – green with a gold-shine. It’s the perfect christmascolour, and it would be nice as eyeshadow. (:

  6. Elizabeth Pereda says:


    My color would be Blilac. It wold be a combination of an electric blue and a bright purple. Perfect for winter, it can be used alone or to intensify a smocky look. 😀

  7. Elizabeth Pereda says:


    My color would be Blilac. It would be a combination of an electric blue and a bright purple. Perfect for winter, it can be used alone or to intensify a smocky look. 😀

  8. gorange. like a really-really gorgeous and mouthwatering orange.

  9. tousledkitten says:

    Whlue, a beautiful mixture of white and blue that reflects everything winter, ice and snow. Would be a wicked eye-shadow but would be a multi-purpose pigment.

  10. Nilufar Ali says:

    Goldple….A Combination of Purple and Gold….Just screams glamour to me…Not Just for xmas, but for all year round! Christmas should be every day!

  11. Shooting Star: Black with a streak of silver, perfect for when you’ve gone for dramatic eyes but need to tone it down a bit

  12. I might not be getting the idea of this lol Are we supposed to combine the names of 2 colours? x.x Anyway, the colour I’m thinking of is Paradise. It’s a sorta soft bluish green? Like the colours of the sea near the beach where its more shallow. It’s supposed to resemble clear waters, sea breeze and a warm sun. Of course, it would have fine glitter as well to resemble the sea that glistens under the sun (and I love shimmers lol) I think this would be great to remind us that a beautiful paradise awaits us and we shouldn’t be too buried in our work to forget that. When was the last time you’ve seen such a colour in the city? Everytime you wear it to work, you are sending out that message.

  13. Rebecca Ho says:

    Blink. Black and pink! its a girly colour but has a sexy, badgal feel to it 😀 it would create a hot eye make up look


    Browlack – the colour of your poo after a Guinness (I’m such a classy bird!). Brilliant for that dark smoldering evening look

  15. Julie Taylor says:

    A deep mossy green.

  16. Jessica Dearnley says:

    Purpellow -something a bit crazy and out there or for making up bruises haha

  17. BLUEINK blue with pink O_O

  18. I would have to choose Sillue. A cross between silver and blue, for showing your frosty side during the party season.

  19. bluack= blue with black very special for this season


  21. my color would be bluver
    blue and silver to use on the eyes
    I love those colors together and the decorations on my christmas tree are blu and silver

  22. pinkquoise a colour between pink and turquoise, i think these two colours compliment each other

  23. mine would be gilver – a sparkly metallic blend of gold and silver shades – perfect for Christmas parties!

  24. Thought I’d enter your giveaway :)
    I’d mix a red and black (but I guess that’s burgundy, right?). It’s just a beautiful and chic colour, it would look nice on you. How would it be called?! Blad?hmmm

  25. Penny Pink would be my color. Like those 1 euro cent color, a mix of pink and copper. It would look great on brunettes!

  26. Slinx – It’s a very warm colour a mixture of yellows, golds and oranges. I can use it to decorate my bathroom so that when I step out of the shower i feel as if I’m on a tropical island

  27. My color would be ‘Bold’. A mixture of brown and gold, which are my favorite colors for eyeshadow.
    I also like ‘Slink’… a mixture of silver and pink, a perfect icy shade of lipstick for the holiday season!
    I am also now following you, and copy and pasted your tweet :)

  28. Purpink – a beautiful pinky purple, possibly duochrome, would make an awesome eyeshadow. :) Also nail polish! And lipstick. The possibilities are endless, lol.

  29. Stephanie Cummins says:


    A mix of white and pink like a swirly marble .

  30. Blurple. A gorgeous shade of true purple with blue sparkles.

  31. Grack. A beautiful shimmery emerald with hologrpahic black in…..truly beautiful.

  32. Glack. a Beautful royal, shimmery emerald with hologrpahic black which catches in the light. Truly beautiful.

  33. Tealgen, the prettiest shade of teal green with gold undertone and golden shimmers

  34. Seagold, the prettiest shade of dark sea green with gold undertone and golden shimmers. It’ll be the new black for smokey eyes!

  35. Debbie Curwen says:

    Gohite – Golden White shimmer perfect for the browbone

  36. Luvakoi

    Black, white, orangy red and gold makes the most amazing brown shades one has ever seen :)!

  37. Paradise… a beautiful color that would start as blue and end up green.. that’s how the sky looks near beaches that have trees :)


  38. Grink – a mix of green and pink (more like green with pink shimmer), perfect for sunny days, it’s like a colour for an exotic bird

  39. Lycheen…a lovely warm pink based on the coat of the lychee fruit, with slivers of silver sheen to bring a bit of energy

  40. Holly Green says:

    Sireen – A nice silvery green colour, I quite often mix these eyeshadows. Reminiscent of the frosted plants in the garden at the moment!

  41. Lycheen…a lovely warm pink based on the coat of the lychee fruit, with slivers of silver sheen to bring a bit of energy, brilliant as a face brightening blush and highlighter!

  42. pinkeachy- cross breed of pink and peach…great for blush!


    A metallic, shimmery silver with slight blue undertones for eyeshadow. Satin finish.

  44. plurgold hehe a mixture of black, gold and purple. Absolutely awesome :p

  45. Dark Blupearl for dark blue and purple. A glamourous eyeshadow.

  46. golver. a combo of gold and silver!

  47. Electric Candy. It is a mixture of green, red and silver.

  48. Electric Candy. It is a mixture of green, red and silver 😀

  49. rainbowellowed! It’s a neutral colour at first, which changes slowly throughout the day through all the colours of the rainbow! xxxxxxxxx

  50. gold and red = goled… its the colour of my outfit for my christmas party hehe :)
    dont think it would make a nice eye shadow colour but definately a nice nailpolish

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