Day 1 Christmas Giveaways: ELF 32 Eyeshadow Palette!

#alttext#To celebrate the festive month, Cosmetic Candy will be giving away a goody a day up until December the 25th! To keep things interesting, I am giving away all kinds of goodies, not just beauty!

You can enter all the giveaways and winners will be chosen in the first week of January. Use the Christmas Giveaways Tag to see all the contests.

All contests are open internationally and you can enter using the comments or via Twitter.

Good Luck & have an wonderful Christmas!


Get 32 shades in one handy palette! I have one of these to keep and it’s a really useful palette, a nice alternative to the 88 colour palettes.

Want to win this nifty ELF Palette?
Method 1.

Answer the following question:

Make up a new colour for me and tell me what the colour is good for.


Grellow which is a mixture of green and yellow. It’s the colour of Christmas cold bogeys and it would make a wicked eyeshadow.

Method 2.

Follow me on Twitter and retweet (RT) the following message:

RT @cosmetic_candy: Follow & RT to Win a ELF Christmas Palette. For Info:

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See the ELF Christmas Palettes here.

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  1. Starr Magenta says:

    My colour would blunkle (black & purple & a hint of pink) and would be used to hide the puffy post-Christmas party puffyness around the eyes :)

  2. Taupreen. A mixture of taupe and green, the colour of hiking jackets. The next must-have nail polish colour!

  3. Khamink. A mixture of my two fave colours Khaki Green and Mink.

  4. Morange… mint green and orange for when you can’t decide which flavour matchmaker chocolate to have at christmas!

  5. Breen! A blackened forest green, great to add a hint of color to a dark smoky eye or to use as liner for a slightly more original look!

  6. Julie Henderson says:


    a mixture of silver and pink WOW


  7. nicci cowdell-murray says:

    pwhite is my colour white and purple and white ….white for snow and purple the colour of my hands in this blooming cold weather …..would bend in with my purple cheeks :)

  8. Pippa Ainsworth says:

    Teaver – a mix of Teal green and silver and my two favourite eyeshadow colours 😉 @misslongstockin

  9. Winter sparkle, a silver white green colour to add drama to your eyes for christmas parties

  10. Winter sparkle, a silver white green colour to add drama to your eyes for christmas parties

  11. Kaylee Jonea says:

    blod- a mixture of black and gold perfect for parties:) you can just apply it on to your lid and its on your eyes with smocky black but when your turn lots of refects of gold! xx

  12. Discoteca Blue, a sparkling electric blue perfect for a night out dancing :)

  13. Kirsty Taunt says:

    I would say purarkle, it is a mixture of a dark purple and silver sparkle to give a great smokey eye effect, great for the party season!
    I have also tweeted @kltaunt

  14. Twitter @peppadoll

    my colour would be pinple a mixture of pink and purple, see i’m a real girly girl!!!!

  15. CherryGold – A mixture of red with gold glitter sparkles. Nice for the xmas holidays, Valentine’s day or even for a sexy date night when you wanna break out that one lovely red dress!

  16. Oink – orange and pink! Beautiful sunset colour for long summernights or when you feel warm on the inside 😀

  17. My colour would be rink a cross between red and pink …becuase ive never seen a red eyeshadow and i love pink

  18. I would LOVE a nail polish in renze – red with a bronze sheen xx

  19. Greequa – a mixture of spring green and a turquoise aqua kind of color. I think that’d be an absolutely beautiful color for both nails and eyelids! :)

  20. Pludge! A plummy yummy fudge color great as an eyeshadow or eyeliner…

  21. Goreen- a mixture of golden and green ! :)
    Thanks!! <3

  22. ICEYBROWNIES , because it its a mixture of brownies we used to leave for santa (still do 😉 ) , with a hint of sparkly glitter for the snow flakes that our falling in Ireland and the UK now :) (it NEVER snows here btw) and did any one EVER see a really reaally like really sparkley brown???? that would be for your eyebrows.. they never get their time to shine!!
    twitter is @MiissyChick

    Thanks 😀 xxxx Meeryy Christmas

  23. purlackeen – black base color with teeny tiny purple and green shimmer:) greates color for nails this year :))

  24. CERULATE! (sounds like a medical term haha)

    Cerulean + Slate = sky-blue with gray undertones… my dream eye color!

  25. Mystic embers – it’s a color that is consisted of various colors: gold, pink & a hint of green. the color itself us universal and can be and should be used for any kind of medium. :)

  26. Gred, a green eyeshadow with a red sparkle, thats a great Christmas shadow :)

  27. Wink 😉 a mixture of white and pink – the new design for my bedroom.


  28. goldenstar- just a soft gold not just for Christmas but also to everyday.

  29. Maroold , a maroon color with some gold glitters in it , a beautiful dark color perfect for winter season and also the color I want for my wedding dress :)

  30. Puld! A mix of purple and gold..elegant, sophysticated, bright…for marvelous parties!

  31. purplue, a vibrant violet with a touch of deep ocean blue. :) the perfect color for a fun night out clubbing to girlfriends.

  32. bolive 😀 black with lovely olive undertones 😀

  33. Rose ashes – it’s always been my favourite fantasy colour! It’s the perfect mix of pale pink and gray and subtle gold shimmer. It reminds me of smoldering rose ashes -therefore the name. Perfect fantasy girly colour for anything from brides gown to eyeshadow and nail polish!

  34. After eight – A dark brown color with reflecting green colors.
    Prefect for smokey eyes or just the christmas holiday :)
    It makes your eyes look delicious :)

  35. Indigoflower says:

    peige – a combination of pink and beige, the colour of some roses and also, the purrrfect lipgloss colour

  36. Brold – a mix of brown and gold.. a perfect holiday smokey / sparkly eye!

  37. Golver – a mixture of gold and silver would work very well as an eyeshadow and go with either gold or silver jewellery.

  38. Pale Golsia – A pale-ish golden fuchsia, the perfect color for a Christmas multiple – perfect for a hint of tint on the mistletoe kisser and party cheeks.

  39. tearnge _ teal with orange shimmer, because orange and teal were made for eachother and almost always look good together.

  40. retweeted :)

  41. I thought about a color taupebrill, taupe color with a nice spurt of black / gold. Wearable for any occasion

  42. My color would be grold~green and gold. My two favorite colors!

  43. I’ll go with yellple – it’s that particularly pretty combinations of yellows, oranges and purples one sees when the sun is setting. Also amazingly pretty for an evening makeup design =) xx

  44. Daintynymph says:

    redblue! It’s a cool red that shifts to blue under different angles, or just has blue sparkles in it. It’d be crazy amazing for eyeshadow, and really fun for lips.

  45. Valentina says:

    I suggest you the colur grecoppur.It is a mix of gold red copper and a little bit of purple.Bye 😀

  46. Blink, a mixture of pink with blue undertones, great mascara shade for spectacular christmas eyelashes!!

  47. Golver would be my colour, a shining combination of golden and silver. I’m so addicted to those decadent colours hahaha.

  48. blurple~ a mixture of dark purple and light blue~ great with dark eyes, skin and hair, looks fab on the top and the bottom corner of eyes.

  49. Kurple:

    A deep, rich, plum purple. Very slimming when paired with black leggings, but looks great with a pair of khaki pants. Best suited for use and wear during the holidays and winter months, but Kurple tops have been spotted on spring fashion runways. Kurple eyeshadow pairs beautifully with green eyes, blends well with golds and other plum-y violet shades. Why choose Kurple? Its just so darn fun to say.

    Note: Totally fictitious. I have no idea if ‘Kurple’ or any other made up color is headed down any fashion runway :)

  50. My colour is ‘pleach’ – a gorgeous plumy peach and would make a fabulous blusher (not to be confused with bleach which is entirely different altogether and would not make great make up at all ;p )

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