Dariya Keanash Makeup Base for Strawberry Noses & Orange Cheeks

A strawberry nose is according to the web:

“rhinophyma /rhi·no·phy·ma/ (-fi´mah) a form of rosacea marked by redness, sebaceous hyperplasia, and nodular swelling and congestion of the skin of the nose.”

Then there’s the orange peel cheeks, that show off the pores.

I couldn’t resist these super cute products from Dariya:


Strawberry nose:


I don’t know if I actually have a strawberry nose, but I know there’s a lot of redness there.


Pollyfilla for the cheeks:


What it’s supposed to do – fill it out!


I am obviously just naieve because I was hoping for some crushed strawberries and orange in these creams. Infact they are more like concealers. The Strawberry nose thicker and opaque. As its a base, I guess it shouldn’t matter what colour it is – it matched my skin fine, if I were very pale or very dark it may looks a bit odd. Orange cheeks is thinner and easier to blend in.


Very gross cheek and nose with nothing off, after a face mask:


After one layer of both products – orange cheeks on the – well cheek, and the strawberrynose in the crevice of the nostril:


Much better!

There are lots of Japanese products that do this kind of thing I am guessing because large pores is more of a problem for Asian skin types? I liked using these too although it is extra effort applying an all over primer, then targeting these areas with another type of base.

As I rule I’ll probably use these for when I know I am taking photos or special occasions – it’s just a bit fiddly although I do really like both items. The orange cheek is very effective and fun to use.

I bought mine from eBay here.

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  1. mandypandy says

    Strawberry nose? I don’t know if that’s supposed to be cute, or sick. Now, if only they sold hot wax for that strawberry-hul-Hitler-mustache. Why stop with the pores?

    I have hideously large pores on my nose. and use Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch to fill them in, but I shall have to look into this Dariya brand as the Clarins primer is extremely pricey.

    • Row says

      Hey Pandy

      Its Japanese, of course its cute!

      I have purchased the Clarins thanks to you! Review coming up but its SOOOOO expensive for a measly 15ml

  2. mandypandy says

    I know, I know. I’m actually well on my way to buying my 4th pot of the stuff, which is insane, because I almost never manage to finish any beauty product I buy. How are you liking the product so far?

    Out of curiosity: do the Dariya products perchance list their ingredients anywhere on the packaging? I’m very tempted to pick up both products, but I have very sensitive skin.

    • Row says

      Hi Pandy

      Nope no ingredients, I tried looking at the official site for you: http://www.dariyacosme.com/index.html – but no joy. Can any Japanese readers help I wonder? I do feel you pain! I like the clarins a lot…but *whispers* I think the Daryia worked better *runs*

    • Row says

      Hey Pandy
      Eek! I hope you like it :) Certainly for the pores, even I was like – woahhh that worked well. In fact it highlighted the pore problems I didn’t know I had. Thanks Dariya.

  3. says

    I must get this. My nose isn’t red per se, but it’s full of ugly black heads, and I have nasty big pores next to my nose. I think a somewhat local store sells it here, but they jack up prices like no other. I’ll probably find it cheaper from Taiwan, including shipping!

  4. Row says

    Hi gloria! It wasnt too badly priced on eBay to be honest :) But yeah it will last ages. the pore one is the best, the thicker concealer !

  5. Minako says

    Does the Strawberry nose work for you? Because I have large pores on my nose =O=
    Their packaging is soo cute ~ *_*