Dariya hair magic sheet – a headband thats a sheet!

Just when I thought I owned every pointless item known to man…

1. Easiyo Yoghut Maker
2. A pair of scissors that shreds as it cuts
3. A doughnut maker
4. An electronic flea zapper comb
5. A core secrets ball and every single piece of exercise equipment I have ever bought from ‘As seen on Tv’

and the list goes on and on and on.


I’ve had my eye on these Japanese Dariya hair sheets for a while. They work like velcro and keep the hair out of the way for make up application:


The sheets are quite large and are made of velcro:


The most important thing is grip! Do these things work?

In a word – yes! My hair is thick and heavy and it gripped it pretty tight of my face. Not tight enough to use it for washing my face though – but good enough for make up application with the added benefit of not messing up my fringe and making it stick up later.


They are so comfy to wear – in fact I quite enjoyed it, kept the hair off my face. I want to wear them everywhere, everywhere I tell you!


It worked well on my hair, if your hair is fine it will work even bettah, baby.

I bought mine from Adambeauty for $4.50. I love it, well recommended!!!

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