Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blushers

I have no idea why I bought these blushers, other than the fact that I like the squeezy tubes they come in.  It’s art baby, I’m an artist.

I love cream/liquid shadows and blushers but I can’t think of one liquid blush I like.  Too sheer most of the time, not a nice enough range of shades.  I have the Albion liquid blushes – expensive and very “meh”.  I disliked Benetint and Positint even more – I tried it on my hand it it disappeared into complete Meh-ness on the planet Meh when the Meh people live with their little Meh cats and dogs, faceless creatures that make no sound.  But I digress.

Basically most of the liquid blushers I’ve tried are CRAP.

So even though I got 3 colours I only had medium hope for this product.  Daniel Sandler, by the way has some make up videos up on Video Jug, where he looks like the type of artist who has short man syndrome, and if you dare question his choice of luminous blue eyeshadow, he will whack you with his Prada manbag.

Watercolour blushes. From his site:

Daniel says: “I created Watercolour fluid blusher for women for two reasons: Firstly, bronzing sticks and most cream formulas start off looking sensational but they wear off too quickly and you need to re-apply. Secondly, liquid or gel cheek stains have been a nightmare to blend as they dry so quickly, even for me as a professional, and the shades are very limited.

Watercolour fluid blush

With Watercolour you can say goodbye to those problems as it not only gives you amazing cheeks that last all day long but they’re also a dream to apply, and with 12 divine shades to suit all skin tones you’re guaranteed to look your most beautiful 24/7.”

Yes Daniel, I’ll be the judge of that.

I got three shades, (Limited Edition) for £11 each.  They are:

Hawaii – A shocking pink for brave girls who want to make the most of a tanned face. This holiday must-have is not for the faint hearted, wear it to look sexy and sassy. Especially great on medium/olive/dark/Asian/black skin tones when a bright colour is needed to bring a face to life.

Paradise – An amazing sheer, bright orange. Wildly flattering, this vivid shade enhances a tan. Suits medium/olive/dark/black skin tones who can easily fall in love with this sexy, tropical summer shade.

Candy Coral – An exciting sheer peach shade with bright pink undertones. Seriously wonderful on fair/medium/olive/Asian/dark skin tones.

They are fabulous.

They are very runny and very pigment, but not in a gross way that makes you look like Barbara Cartland. It still looks ‘sheer’ but theres no lack of pigment and colour.  The three shades I got are all stunning and there are loads more to pick from too.

Some tips –

* shake the tube well

* the website recommends one drop per cheek – you probably need even less than that so it will last for ages

*it left a kind of stain so lasted all day

It’s great! It’s really really nice!  And a good price too for a product that works.  I haven’t tried anything else from Daniel Sandler but I would completely recommend this.

Oh also – its not just for cheeks, it can be used for eyes (hmm) and lips (yeah!).  When I read that I though, who is going to use bright pink of the eyes – but getting the shades now, I can see how they can be used on the lips as a stain, and the paler shade, Cotton Candy would work as a base on the eyes (not so sure about the other two).  There are some browns in the range that I am thinking would work for eyes, cheeks and lips.

Rating – 9/10.

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