Damn you, Angelina

I’m by no means an Angelina lover (or hater) but I found myself drooling like the brangeloonies…

She is really beautiful isn’t she?  Mandy agrees thinks so too…

So since I tend to do things on a whim and without any logical cause or acceptance of the consequences,I slapped on some dark brown hair dye as a homeage to the queen.  This is always a bad idea because:

1. Even with my Chinese heritage, I still look like a corpse with black hair

2. I can’t apply dye for toffee, so there’s black streaks all over me and my bathroom

How much am I going to regret this in about, oooh an hour?

UPDATE: Its striking but everytime I look in the mirror I see Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. It also requires more make to to carry off. ARGGHHHHHH!

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  1. says

    I too wish to dye my hair black (or very dark brown). I have medium brown hair and I’ve never been pleased with that color; I think black/dark brown might look better with my pasty skin.

    Are Angelina’s lip’s bothering you, too? I’ve never been crazy about her current (scalpel enhanced) schnoz but her overly inflated lips are bothering me even more. She’s always had very full lips but now it seems she’s been abusing injectable fillers.