Daily Sunscreen: Kanebo Freshel White C UV Day Gel SPF31 Review

I am trying to be more careful with sunscreen – I’ve noticed my skin looking more tired and aged, as well as the fact I am getting darker and darker despite not going on holiday (sob!) or indeed sitting in the sun for any length of time.

So I bought a number of face SPF, body sunscreens and so on to ‘try’ and be more careful with UV protection!  One I’d like to present to you today is Kanebo’s Freshel (a sun protection range, also with colour base products).  I bought the White C UV Day Gel in SPF31 from adambeauty.com a few weeks ago:

Freshel White C UV Day Gel Kanebo

I haven’t tried much from the Freshel range but I’ve always liked how simple and elegant the range looks. This day UV gel is for all over body use although I don’t have much skin on show apart from arms and chest.

First moan is that you get 100ml of this.  Maybe that’s not a tiny quantity but it’s not much for a body product and I got half way through this very easily.  Maybe because my skin is dry too so I use a bit more.

Otherwise this stuff has a beautiful texture.  Although it’s ‘gel’ it’s actually a white lotion with a water base so it feels very light and absorbs in a jiffy.

It makes a good base for make up -it’s not greasy or shiny at all.

Freshel White C UV Day Gel Kanebo 1

The ‘White C’ element is because it’s supposed to have a whitening effect and inhibit the chance of brown spots and pigmentation.

I used this on my chest but also face and neck – it’s so light and invisible that it feels like a very regular lotion. It doesn’t leave much glow to the skin really and I can’t ‘see’ any whitening effects but my skin does feel quite nice with it on.

Kanebo Freshel UV Gel

Overall I do think this is PERFECT if you want SPF protection but hate anything sticky or thick. This will sink in like a dream although just remember you don’t get that much of it. I wouldn’t be too worried about the ‘whitening’ thing I didn’t get any paler or anything like that!

I bought this from adambeauty.com.

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  1. says

    The pump is a super good idea but the bottle is way too small! I’d use this up in a week if it were a face & body product.

    • Row says

      Hi Ashley

      Yep totally. I haven’t been using this every day if I did it would be gone in a shot :/

  2. ana says

    A couple of years ago I was becoming darker out of nowhere. When I resumed taking Vitamin B supplements, my skin returned to its normal shade and vibrancy.
    Maybe your diet is changing or your metabolism needs a vit B kick?

    • Row says

      Hi Ana
      Hmmm you know I will try that. I recently bought some DHC Vitamin B mix tablets (I read that if you are cutting down on meat you should take this) so I will try it out and let you know? I have been eating so much chips and pasta – bad things – I wouldn’t be surprised if I need more vitamins! x

  3. says

    Hrm, sounds like a good product to try if Biore doesn’t work out. I try to get my bf to wear sunblock but he’s super picky about anything sticky or heavy so this sounds great!

    • Row says

      Hi Kuri

      YES I’d totally recommend this for a guy. Mr C hates sticky products and body products in general but this is nice for him, no residue and light as air!