Daily Beauty: Alexander Wang for MAQUillage Lipstick

Of the masses of post I got last week, here is something that just gave me make up judders! My very expensive (About £20 after exchange rate conversion) lipstick from MAQUillage – the limited edition Alexander Wang lipstick:

maquillage lipstick.jpg

What lies inside this slick, matte case? See after the jump!I got shade RD732, which was one of the more natural ones:

maquillage alexander wang.jpg

Its sort of a sheer, mauve nude with lots of micro sparkles.

alexander wang lipstick.jpg

If you have never tried MAQUillage lipsticks, then you must. Like a lot of Japanese style lipsticks, they *tend* to be a little sparkly, be sheer, have a water-like texture and feel like silk. They are wonderful – truly gorgeous so if your normally disappointed by lippies, get a MAQUillage – its a league above.

Enough gushing!

Another close up:

alexander wang .jpg

No time for a lip swatch, will do one later. I do have my eye on this Alexander Wang CoCo Duffel Bag. Everything about it is wrong – too small, can only be carried by hand (not over the shoulder) but by god – I want it!! What do you think?

alexander_coco-421x540.jpg (JPEG Image, 421x540 pixels).jpg
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  1. That lipstick looks beautiful! I’m going to have to check out some Japanese lipsticks!

  2. Row, I got the same one!! It arrived today and I just tested it seconds ago haha

  3. cargolover says:

    I’ve fallen in love with the bag! And I just had a look online and it’s sold out EVERYWHERE! =( Any ideas where they could still possibly have it in stock?

  4. such a beautiful color! *.* I wish you had swatches >.<
    I have only one lipstick and gloss from Maquillage, but God, they ARE something else! Totally love them!

  5. the bag looks expensive..what’s the size (inch)? i want it too.. haha.. haven’t tried Maquillage products..

  6. Greatwebsitedesign you have,imighthire you to do mine!haha|

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