Cuteness for Friday

As reported, my littlest cousin is now 3 months! And cute:

P1070011.JPG - Google Mail-1.jpg

Know what it reminded me of?

P1070011.JPG - Google Mail-4.jpg.jpg

Pubert from the Addams Family! No need for a wig of course!

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  1. OMG! so cute~~ I normally dont think children are cute til they’re toddlers but that’s a cute baby! wow i just said cute 3 times! lol

  2. SUPER CUTE!!! Thank you!!! You brightened my day by posing your couin’s photo! Such a cute face!!!

  3. LOL too cute! Especially with mustache 😛

  4. How gorgeous is she??!!
    Can’t believe mine was like that 13 years ago!
    Those pre-hormonal days were so good!!!

  5. Haha Row, you’re awesome – I can see the likeness :) Most babies look like old men but you cousin looks like a proper baby ^_^ Very cute ! x

  6. lol at “it” reference teehee

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