Cute Stocking Filler Find: Vintage Embrodiery Mirror

One of the best things about buying Christmas presents is picking out the stocking fillers. I love little stocking fillers and treats. I spotted this super cute vintage mirror over at Not Massed Produced…

Its hand handmade in the UK (Yorkshire to be exact) and is made of vintage material. It comes in a box like this:

stocking filler mirror.jpg

Inside that is another little pouch. Cute!

mini mirror xmas presen.jpg

This mirror is useful if you are the sort to quickly check your reflection or do quick lipstick touchups but want to see what you are doing.

The vintage fabric is held under a plastic case:

mirror xmas present.jpg

The back of the mirror is compact – perfect for quickly checking your make up hasn’t run down your face!

stocking filler.jpg

The price is just £4 – they have four designs. This was supposed to be a stocking filler but I think I will keep it for myself!

You can buy it here (choose from a few designs) here!

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  1. says

    Those are much better than the ones my mom bought in China… which were unconviently mass producted :( Although, they’re double sided & one side is a magnified mirror so touch ups on much easier on the go now!

    P.S. I got my prize yesterday but my mom ended up stealing it from me today :( She’s inlove with the little flash light. As am I but mother gets what mother wants.