Cute Purchase of the Day: Velcro Bow For Fringes!





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  1. OHMIGOD that’s adorable. Ebay?

  2. these are too cute x

  3. Aww…they’re cute! =) I’m actually not surprised to see these because of the velcro squares that push your bangs out of your way for makeup/washing face…I mean it’ll only take a few for someone to come up with a cute design instead of a square right? 😉

  4. I have the grey ones! These look very Minnie Mouse! :)

  5. aw so cute! i love those velcro things!

  6. thats so cute!

  7. Oooooo where did you get them from?

  8. That’s so cute! No one would give strange stares if people had these instead of the plain ones lol ^__^
    Where did you buy it?

  9. SO CUTE
    where can i get one????, female version of viagra