Cute or Daft? Jelly Pong Pong Shadow Taffy

Make up brand, Jelly Pong Pong have special gift bags out that tend to be very good value for money. I got a gift bag recently that contained the Lip Orchid and Shadow Taffy from ASOS.

Here is the Shadow Taffy – possibly the cutest packaging and case, ever:

shadow taffy jelly pong pong.jpg

Oh yes – this duo palette comes in a pretty cardboard cage, held together with ribbons. How cute?

jelly pong pong taffy.jpg

That bird? Yes that’s your palette. No you probably won’t be able to use it on the bus. Yes, it will probably fall off in you handbag.

jelly pong pong shadow taffy.jpg

Ready for more cuteness after the jump?Here is the birdy! It lives on the top of the generously sized eyeshadow palette:

shadow taffy jelly pong pong-3.jpg

I know its not a stuffed bird but it freaks me out a bit. Taxidermy freaks me out a bit. The ice lolly stick tail also disturbs me:

shadow taffy jelly pong pong-1.jpg

Its stuck on pretty snug. Oohhh how cute. Completely impractical but cute. You got to congratulate Jelly Pong Pong on their bravery:

shadow taffy jelly pong pong-2.jpg

Eh? There’s actually make up involved? Oh yes. Here is the duo which, lets face it, is more of a blusher duo (bronze and pink) than an eyeshadow one surely?

shadow taffy jelly pong pong-4.jpg


taffy jelly pong pong.jpg

They are pretty lovely colours – pigmented and soft but not overly so. The bronze is kind of pretty as is the hot pink but for me, not eye shades, more cheeks and even lips.

But of course….this is not exactly the kind of palette I am going to use every day. This is something to be marvelled in its pretty pink cardboard cage.


jelly pong pong shadow taffy-1.jpg

What do you think? Cute or just too gimmicky? What animal would you have stuck on top of palette?

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  1. says

    Super adorable!!! Since the brand is called Jelly Pong Pong, maybe I would like to see some food items stuck on top? For example strawberries? hahaa

  2. says

    Meh I’d like it more if it had better selection of colours – like purples or a quad of different colours.

    I can’t get over the fact that the bird looks like it has a stick stuck up its ***, haha 😀 Poor birdy :/

  3. says

    I totally mistook the eyeshadow for lip gloss… & then bronzer/blush. How sad :( The packaging is so childish but I know cat’s that would enjoy this!

  4. Phi says

    ahh I love the birdy. I can’t get over how innocent and unsuspecting it looks. Haha but I would rather have just the bird, the product is a bit meh